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Are you pursuing a career in graphic design and also want to get your degree faster? Certificate, graduate and postgraduate degrees are all available. Knowing which option is right for you is highly dependent on your graphic design career field of choice and how quickly you want to start working. Many multiple graphic design career fields are available, and choosing a top graphic design degree program requires thorough research.

What graphic design classes are offered on-site and online? What are the average and total costs of pursuing a graphic design degree in 2021? Trained professional graphic designers are excellent multi-taskers capable of handling animation, illustration, page layouts/design, UX design and more. How do I earn a graphic design degree at my own pace? Read ahead for an informative guide on how to get your graphic design degree faster starting today.

Graphic Design – A Brief Explanation

Graphic design programs consist of multiple options for majors, areas of specialization and training for various career fields. The overall vocation itself is quite diverse in nature and requires flexibility on the part of all prospective designers. Graphic designers combine art with technological skills and customer service with working in isolation. Computer software applications are used to manifest what each graphic designer first envisions in his or head. 

While the job itself it not necessarily physically taxing, hours are often long. Clients are also frequently demanding, requesting changes and revisions while pressuring designers to still meet original deadlines. This is common in all creative arts career fields where the artist/creator is working for a client who has his or her own vision for a final product but is unable to manifest it without professional assistance. Graphic designers therefore need to posses a sense of diplomacy and service-industry professionalism without compromising their ability to deliver the best art/creation possible. What types of courses are required to become a graphic designer in 2021?

Course Types (on-site & online)

Graphic design courses are available on-site and online. One of the biggest benefits to pursuing a graphic design degree is the ability to obtain it at your own pace from a virtual, online environment at home. Particular course-related software, a powerful computer and reliable internet connection are all required when learning from home. Both on-site and online courses offer the same quality of education. Tuition for on-site and online courses also cost the same on average, but on-site classes involve commute/travel expenses and possible room & board charges (if you live on campus).

Courses and specialized areas of concentration are offered online and on-site. Typical courses include typography, desktop publishing, print media (graphics/layout), color theory and basic design 101. Examples of specialized concentrations include animation and 3D modeling. Concentrations also include logo, sustainable, web & editorial design training. Graphic designers looking to run their own companies might also pursue business management, marketing, business ethics and more.

How to Pay for and Get Your Degree Faster

Earning a graphic design degree online often allows you to set your own pace for learning. Tuition for a graphics design degree varies widely around the country, however, understanding how to pay for your education is an important part of the process. Do you want to obtain a graphic design degree or certificate? Sessions College for Professional Design offers a graphics design certificate program for $3,100 plus a $200 registration fee. $300/month payment plans are available for this program. The New York Institute of Art+Design offers a graphic design certificate program for $1,199 (if paid in full) or $1,429 if using their convenient optional payment plan.

An accredited associate degree in graphic design might cost between $5,000 and $16,000 in tuition (total) including approximately $100-$300 in processing/application fees. Total tuition for a bachelor’s degree in graphic design ranges from approximately $50,000 to $$100,000. Actual costs depend on if your school of choice is in state, private, vocational, a community college or military-sponsored. How do you get your graphic design degree faster? Ask your admissions office representative about accelerated curriculum scheduling and placement examination options today.

Information on possible financial aid options is available through your school’s financial aid office. It is also possible to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form to apply for Federal Pell Grants and multiple other graphic design scholarships, which are potentially available to help pay for tuition expenses.

Top Schools & Programs

The top graphic design degree schools & programs are offered by accredited U.S. colleges & universities in 2021. The Rhode Island School of Design is widely considered one of the best graphic design learning facilities in the nation. Other schools and programs offering top graphic design degrees in 2021 include:

Graphic Designer Salaries (Average)/Job Expectations

The more educated you are pursuant to your vocation, the more likely you are to get the jobs you desire and salary you deserve. Salary ranges for graphic designers vary widely base on area of specialization, region and self-employment or employee status. The median pay for graphic designers in 2021 was $53,380/year or $25.66/hour. The job growth rate for graphic design positions is expected to decline by four percent compared to other types of vocations through 2029. This means the best, most educated graphic designers will get the best jobs and highest salaries available for the next five to eight years. This also means running your own business and becoming a self-employed freelance graphic designer might earn you more money than working on staff for a corporation. Job types available for post-graduate graphic design candidates include:

    • Creative director.

    • Animator.

    • Gaming artist.

    • Urban designer.

    • Concept artist.

    • Illustrator.

    • Advertising art director.

How to Get and Apply for Financial Aid & Grants and Earn Your Degree For Free

Use the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form to apply for government-funded financial aid. Federal Pell Grants and a vast amount of other financial aid options are available to potentially pay for some or all of your school-related expenses. It is crucial to submit your financial aid applications prior to the deadlines as mandated in your state. Many grants are available without financial income limits. Here is a list of top grants available for all to apply.