Best Cabinet Installation

Are you seeking information on cabinet installation options? Read all you need to know about finding the best cabinet installation options near you today.

Cabinet installations might be major or minor depending on the situation. Either way a cabinet installation must be done correctly, safely and with precision. Hiring a professional cabinet installation and renovation company is recommended, but so is spending some time researching the best service provider prices and options available.

The size of a cabinet installation impacts how much it will cost, as do materials and multiple other factors. The best way to approach getting the best service possible is to determine your budget, then research the best companies available to perform the installation you desire at an affordable price. Continue reading to learn all you need to know about finding the best cabinet installation services near you today.

Considering a Cabinet Installation? Here’s What to Expect

When planning for you cabinet installation project you need to consider all aspects of the process to plan it correctly. Budget, safety, research, and materials are all important considerations. Style, aesthetic compatibility and how an install increases the value of your home are also important considerations. 

Budget Matters

First, the prioritize the assessment of your budget before committing to any installation service provider, no matter how much you trust their estimates or customer reviews. Knowing what you can and cannot afford gives you an edge when negotiating service prices (when applicable) and allows for more intelligent decisions when choosing materials and other aspects of the install.

DIY Project Enthusiasts - Consider Safety First

Are you considering a DIY cabinet installation project over hiring a professional installation service? This is discussed in more detail below but is important to mention now for several reasons. First, the ability to perform a DIY installation safely and accuracy needs to be thoroughly assessed. If you have carpentry and home renovation skills/experience a DIY install project might makes sense. If you do not, you potentially risk spending more money (via causing damage or sustaining an injury) than you would by hiring a professional company.

Time Involved (How Long Does a Typical Cabinet Install Take?)

Cabinet installations are either performed as individual projects or as part of a full-room renovation. When performed in isolation a full cabinet install might take between one-to-two days through seven days or more. When performed as part of a full-room renovation the entire process typically requires six-to-eight weeks to complete. What factors affect the time it takes to complete a cabinet install?

  • Size (larger installs take longer to complete).

  • Customization (simple installs take less time; detailed and customized installations take longer).

  • Preparation requirements (removal of items in old cabinets; amount of plastic or other protective materials required to protect other elements in the room; planning to redirect traffic through the room where install takes place and more; planning for temporary storage of displaced items).

  • Materials (availability of your preferred materials; distance from factory to your home or contractor; ease-of-installation based on materials used).

  • Adjustments (pursuant to any changes you request after the installation has begun).

  • Condition of the room (crooked walls, damaged support beams, angled ceilings and floors all impact time necessary to complete the install).

  • Contractor experience (many experienced contractors can complete jobs more efficiently than those new to the industry).

  • Location of your cabinet installation.

How the Install Location Impacts Your Daily Life

The location of your cabinet installation is another factor to consider thoroughly. It is common to expect aspects of your life to be at least minimally disrupted by a cabinet installation performed in a room where some daily household traffic occurs. If performed in a kitchen or bathroom, however, a cabinet installation might cause tangible (albeit temporary) inconveniences. The impact on daily life is less significant if your cabinet installation takes place in a garage, attic, guest house, pool house or other room used less frequently daily.

Consider Your Reasons for Having a Cabinet Installation Performed (and how it impacts your budget)

You might choose to have a cabinet installation performed because you need more space. Perhaps one or two cabinets have gone bad, but all available newer cabinets do not match the aesthetics of the room. You might also be selling your home and looking to increase its value. These are all important factors on their own, but they also weigh into your budgetary considerations. For example, if a cabinet installation significantly increases the value of your home and therefore the profit you make when selling it, you might be willing to stretch your budget to make it happen.

Building Logistics and Contractor Assessment

The contractor you hire will assess the logistics of the room where the installation is to be performed. You will need to plan for applicable storage needs and temporary disruptions to daily life. Your contractor will need to locate all ventilation, lighting and electrical elements impacting the installation and plan for them accordingly.


The final cost of your cabinet installation depends on materials used, contractor prices, changes to plans mid-project and other factors. Staring with an accurate assessment of your budget allows you to know what is affordable pursuant to all these factors. The kitchen is the most common room where a cabinet installation takes place. A full kitchen cabinet installation project ranges in price between approximately $2,000 and $10,000 on average. On average, individual cabinets cost between $150 and $500 per cabinet based on type of wood, other materials and specialized requests or customized components. Installation labor costs average between $25 to $65 per hour or more. Additional cost considerations for your cabinet install include:

  • Removal of old cabinets (approximately $50 to $85 per cabinet).

  • Lazy Susan or other specialty installs (approximately $300 to $900).

  • Installation of a sink base cabinet (approximately $300 per square foot).

  • Molding work (approximately $300 to $2,500 based on situation).

  • Changing location of cabinets incurs additional expenses when gas line, electrical outlet and plumbing item locations must also be changed.

  • Discounts might apply when a cabinet retailer also provides installation services.

Reasons to Hire a Professional Cabinet Installation Service

The popularity of homeowners performing DIY renovations has increased significantly in recent times. Still, multiple benefits exist when hiring a professional service provider for a cabinet installation project. The service is generally reliable, guaranteed (in writing) and performed with accuracy. You do not have to spend your valuable time performing the install yourself, which frees you up to handle your other important responsibilities. Online review sites and resources such as Yelp and display real-life customer reviews of cabinet makers and install contractors. This helps you know in advance the type of company you are hiring. Free estimates are also commonly provided so you know what final prices to expect up-front. Please note: Be certain to get all estimates and quotes in writing, while also verifying the contractor you hire has proper certifications, licensing, and insurance to perform your install.

Finding the Best Cabinet Installation Professionals - Online Resources You Need to Know Now

HomeAdvisor (facilitated by Angi) is one of the most trusted and reliable online resources for locating cabinet installation contractors around the U.S. today. Retailers such as Lowes and The Home Depot both sell and install cabinets, often with package discounts. Additional online resources for finding the best cabinet products and installation professionals in your area include: