Grocery Delivery

Same day grocery delivery services are popping up everywhere. People have such hectic lives, relieving at least one chore can make a big difference. Grocery delivery can mean the difference between getting to a child's recital on time or cooking dinner in a timely manner or getting enough sleep. Most stores that offer this service make it easy for the reluctant shopper to initiate, pay, and receive their goods.

Shipt delivery service has a monthly or annual membership fee with a free two-week trial period. Cancel your membership at any time. Monthly memberships cost $14 and annual memberships cost $99 averaging $8.25 per month. When you sign up, every time you order $35 or more of groceries, the delivery is free. As an introductory offer, you get $15 off your first order. Download the Shipt App onto your iOS or Android device; use your Smartphone or Tablet. You can also use the web on your home or work computer. Shipt's shoppers are trained to pick the items you want perfectly. They can select ripe fresh fruit and vegetables and vegan, gluten free items and other specialty foods with ease, just list what you need. Shipt shoppers pick up your order at the large local grocer of your choice. Shipt is available in several states, in larger towns and cities like Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Texas and Michigan to name a few.

Instacart is another same day grocery delivery service. There is a membership requirement that consists of payment for one of three different annual memberships. The "Starter" membership fees are $70 for a year with three free monthly deliveries of grocery orders of $35 or more; the "Basic" for $125 with five free deliveries of $35 or more in goods; or the "Unlimited" for $149 with orders of $35 or more. Instacart lists the grocers in your area that you can select. Instacart delivers in all but six of the contiguous states.

Prices of good may vary with delivery services from the in-store price. Check the standard practices of the delivery service, to find out what prices are honored. Alcohol can be delivered as well to members who are of the legal drinking age. The delivery service has manufacturer's coupons at times that may be applied directly to your order. offers same day delivery of groceries and prescription drugs. Everything is ordered from their online platform. Mygofer only delivers packaged foods, no fresh fruits or vegetables are available for delivery. This service is available in many states. They offer an inbox to enter your zip code to see what states they are in and what stores can be shopped. Mygofer's same day deliveries will only deliver to your office, not your home.

Same day grocery delivery services make every effort to hire honest, courteous and helpful delivery people, so you'll always feel comfortable when they arrive. Many will take the groceries from their vehicle to your kitchen. Use your own discretion about tipping the delivery person. A dollar a bag might be a generous tip for regular grocery deliveries in good weather. Obviously bad weather might demand a bigger tip.