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The average cost of a hotel room in the United States is around $125, although of course you can pay a lot more than that for chains hotels. The amenities and hotel location affect the price, as does the season. Whether you routinely look for a less expensive option on your next business trip or vacation, or whether you prefer to stay in the area's top hotel, there are deals to be had.

Although most of us like to book a trip as far ahead as possible, some of the best deals can be had at short notice, as hotels try to have as few unsold rooms as possible. If you are traveling on the Interstate, look for hotel coupon booklets at rest areas and gas stations. They have coupons for most of the popular chain hotels, typically saving you anywhere from 10 to 30 percent on the regular room price. You may not have a choice of rooms, and the rate often doesn't include breakfast but is still a great deal. Those same coupons can also be found online and printed. Cheap hotels for your destination! 

There are other ways to get deals on hotel rooms. If you are shopping around, try calling the hotel directly, rather than booking online or calling the chain's toll free reservations number. The manager has the authority to offer rooms at a lower rate, and is more likely to do that closer to the date of the stay, or for a frequent guest. And if you are staying for at least a week, the hotel is more likely to lower your room rate or upgrade your room. It's also worth asking for any applicable discounts, such as AARP and military. In the travel industry, 10 or more people is considered a group and may be eligible for a group discount.

The time of year of your stay can also affect the rate, and traveling to Florida during the less busy summer season can virtually guarantee you lower hotel room rates. Hotel rates tend to be higher during special events - just try getting a room deal in New York to watch the Thanksgiving parade. And the day of the week can also make a difference, as many hotels that focus on business travelers tend to have lower rates at the weekend. There are several websites that list hotel rooms canceled at the last minute that are often significantly cheaper than usual. Find flights up to 60% off! 

Look for deals such as stay for two or three nights and get one free, which are often offered by most of the major hotel chains. And almost every well known chain has a relationship with an airline or a credit card, allowing you to accrue points or miles. If you travel frequently, it can be advantageous to stay at the same chain each time and earn free nights regularly. If you have enough airline miles with the same airline, they can also be cashed in for hotel rooms, car rentals and vacation packages.