Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel is a serious project that needs adequate preparation time. This is not something you can rush into blindly as this would only use up your funds, time and energy only to realize that you did not get what you had hoped to. Whenever you decide that you need to remodel your kitchen, you must do the following.

Understand what you want

Before you start looking at the price of different items or consulting remodel experts, you need to have an in depth understanding of what you want. What kind of kitchen space do you admire? What colors would you prefer? What type of material would you like your kitchen to be made from? What is your preference on the organization of different components? Once you have identified what you want down to what you might think is unnecessary detail, you are ready for the actual work.

Identify an expert

While you may know what you want, you may not have the skills to turn it into reality. In addition, even if you are expert yourself, sometimes it is good to get the opinion of another expert before implementation. The expert will help you polish up the plan to make it realistic given the space available, they type of house and other factors. He or she will also advice on the best materials to use for your project.


Now that your plan is polished, you need to come up with the financial plan to do it. The expert can assist you in identifying the costs of different items required. Remember, quality materials are required for the kitchen to last longer therefore, the prices may be higher than you had anticipated in some cases. Ensure that your budget has a degree of flexibility to accommodate any slight changes in prices of different items.

Purchasing materials

You will involve the expert here to ensure that you buy proper flooring materials, kitchen countertops, kitchen appliances and cabinets. If you cannot get cabinets and countertops in the color you wanted, consider the possibility of buying a neutral color and repainting it. However, for items like tiles, you can visit different stores until you find what you would prefer.


You require adequate storage for the utensils, appliances, and any other things in your current kitchen. While some can be moved into another room, for others like the existing cabinets, if they will not be used again, need external storage.  Proper storage prevents damage and enhances the chances of these items fetching a good price if sold. You should take stock of what you have as it is being removed from the kitchen.


During this stage, the kitchen will not be in use. Depending in the complexity of the new design and the existing one, it may take between a few days and a month. Remember that you are the overall supervisor and should ensure that you check the work from time to time to ensure the plan is being followed and that the materials being used are fine.

Getting rid of the old stuff

There are two options: donation or sale.  With regards to donations, you need to identify a group that can find a proper and deserving owner for your items or you could do it yourself. If you opt to sell your items, you should ensure that they are in good shape for them to fetch a good price.