How to Find Homeland Security Jobs

Working for the Federal Government is a dream career for many. There are several agencies that appeal to those who want this type of career. One of the most iconic is Homeland Security. Homeland Security is one of those iconic choices because of its link to US Security. After all, who doesn't want to do a job that they love, yet keep their country safe? Nonetheless, if your heart is set on a career with Homeland Security, what do you need to do in order to get hired?

First, you will need to get a degree in Homeland Security Studies, Political Science or Criminal Justice. You can earn these degrees from most major universities. At the minimum you will need a Bachelors degree. Second, after you complete your education, you will need to construct a Federal-friendly resume. The Homeland Security Careers website goes into detail on recommendations on how job seekers can construct a Federal resume.

Once you have your Federal resume prepared, you can now apply for jobs. Nonetheless, the Homeland Security Careers website does not provide a careers portal. In order to apply to Homeland Security Jobs, you will need to create an account on The Department of Homeland Security will often post jobs on this website. Job choices include law enforcement, immigration, travel security, prevention, mission support and security response. You will need to check the site regularly to see if there is a posting for a position you qualify for. If you are a veteran, please make sure to identify yourself.

Homeland Security Jobs are very competitive. They receive a high-volume of interest for each posting. Therefore, the Homeland Security Careers website suggests you should read through the posting you will apply for carefully. Each posting will contain detailed instructions on how to apply. It is important that you follow them carefully so as not to make mistakes.

Only finalists are contacted by hiring managers and supervisors because of the high volume of applicants. Furthermore, it takes a while for Homeland Security human resources representatives to contact qualified candidates. Therefore, just be patient, keep on checking on the status of your application, and if you are qualified, a hiring manager and/or supervisor will contact you.

When someone from Homeland Security finally contacts you, it will be for an interview. Depending upon the position, there might be one interview or several. This interview could happen over the phone, virtually or in person. You might see the human resources manager only, or the human resources manager and your future supervisor. Occasionally individuals are hired strictly based on their qualifications and are not interviewed.

It takes a lot of hard work and time to successfully become an employee of Homeland Security. Nonetheless, the efforts you make in order to train, job search and apply are worth it. In the end you will have your dream career. You will be helping to keep the United States safe, and earn the deepest respect possible from your family and friends.