Best Way to Maintain Clean Carpets

Carpets can get dirty often, especially if you have small children at home. As such, how clean your carpets will be, is determined by your cleaning methods and routines. In this article, we will take you through everything you need to know about carpet cleaning.

Tips on Keeping Carpet and Rugs Clean

Keeping your carpet and rugs clean, will make them look newer, and also increase their lifespan. Keeping them clean is easy, and not as complicated as it seems. You can do it by using the following tips:

     1. Ditch Your Shoes Before Entering The House

It would be best if you left your shoes at the doormat if you want to keep your carpet and rugs clean. Your carpet and rugs act like magnets, attracting everything you track inside the house. Therefore, be sure to leave your shoes at the door, and you can also instruct your visitors to do the same.

     2. Vacuum Regularly

Essentially, this is by far the most effective way of keeping your carpets and rugs clean. Vacuuming plays a massive role in your home's general cleanliness and neatness of your carpets and rugs. You should, therefore, make it mandatory to vacuum your carpets at least twice a week. Besides, make sure your vacuum cleaner is in good condition, by emptying the bag when it is full.

     3. Professional-Grade Deep Cleaning

A vacuum cleaner only removes the dirt that is at the surface of your carpets and rugs. While it is still efficient, you also need to hire professional cleaning services. Professional cleaners will go deeper into cleaning your carpets and rugs by removing tough stains on your carpet. Therefore, you should seek the services of a professional cleaner, at least once a year.

     4. Remove Stains Instantly

When you stain your carpets or rugs, ensure that you remove it immediately to prevent the stain from sticking. However, if it sticks, you may require professional services to do the job for you.

How Often Should a Carpet Be Cleaned?

Primarily, you should vacuum your carpet twice a week and have them cleaned by professional cleaners at least once a year. However, if you have children in the house, or other variables that could make your carpets dirty often, you can vacuum up to 4 to 5 times a week.

Why Choose a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service?

Professional cleaning of carpets, helps to remove the dangerous particles that may be lurking between the fibers of your carpet. They also prolong your carpets' lives and give them a pleasant scent. Also, professional cleaners provide efficient carpet sanitizing service. Professional carpet cleaning services are offered at an average of $176, but the prices vary depending on the size of your carpet. If you ignore cleaning your carpets professionally for too long, the costs might rise to $2500.

Where to Find Deals or Coupons for Professional Cleaners

Mostly, you can find the best deals or coupons for professional cleaners around you by doing a simple google search for them. Be sure to include your location in the search.

The most popular carpet cleaning companies in the US are:

All these companies offer eco-friendly services and are best for emergencies. Be sure to follow the tips we have outlined for you, and all the best while trying to maintain your carpets clean.