Ship Your Car Anywhere Affordably

Shipping your car has many benefits over driving it yourself including the ability to save you money. Get the best quote for national or international vehicle shipping.

Shipping your car anywhere in the U.S. or beyond has many benefits over driving it yourself. In some cases, such as moving overseas it is not possible to transport your vehicle without professional assistance. When you are able to also ship your car affordably the benefits increase. What do you look for when looking for a vehicle shipping company?

Your time, energy and money are valuable. Shipping your vehicle saves you time and effort, but how does it save you money? Some car owners worry about damages, but insurance policies help protect your vehicle. Are you looking for tips on getting discounts when shipping your car? What are the top companies providing reputable vehicle shipping in 2021? Read ahead for tips on how to ship your car anywhere affordably today.

What to Look for When Looking for a Vehicle Shipping Company

A vehicle shipping company is responsible for one of your most valued, and possibly more expensive possessions. Your car is an asset, which needs protection. Whether shipping by train, moving company, or vehicle transportation rigs a vehicle shipping company needs reliability. Reliability, trustworthiness, and a popular reputation with prior customers are all important to look for in a vehicle shipping company. Where are you shipping your automobile? Some shipping companies have mileage limits or limited states in which the companies conduct business. Check to see where and how far a shipping company travels, including international options, to make sure the service is a match for your needs.

Because your vehicle is important to you it is normal to expect a shipping company to treat it with a certain amount of care. Even if you have ample funds available it is always best to save money when discounts do not compromise the quality of service you receive. Additional things to look for when looking for a shipping company include:

  • Competitive pricing.

  • Company rating w/the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

  • Hidden terms & conditions.

  • Are additional insurance options provided?

  • Money-back guarantees.

  • Will your vehicle be delivered on time?

  • Customer service availability.

  • Emergency 24/7 hotline.

  • Up-to-date tracking on your vehicle’s location.

How Safe Is your Vehicle When Shipping

While shipping your vehicle is generally safe to do, risks are involved. When assessing the risks of various shipping methods, it is also worth considering the risks avoided by not driving the automobile on your own. Still, the risks involved in having your vehicle shipped are sometimes different.

The type of transport unit impacts how safe your vehicle is during shipping. Closed container transportation methods offer extra protection but tend to cost more money. Research the details and fine print of your shipping company’s insurance policies and guarantees. The more a company offers you protection and guarantees, the safer your vehicle likely becomes. Checking a review website such as Yelp also helps assess the safety measures enacted by a shipping company. A-AAA Auto Transport has mixed customer service and delivery reviews on Yelp, with numerous complaints mixed with multiple positive reports. Finally, explain all the details, needs and requests pertaining to your vehicle in detail. The more a shipping company knows about how you want your car handled, the safer it is.

Average Cost to Ship Local, National & International

Shipping companies charge different prices for shipping your vehicle locally, nationally and internationally. The value of your vehicle also impacts pricing. Shipping a new car in the U.S. costs an average of $295 to $3,000. General pricing for shipping cars in the U.S. ranges from approximately $700 to $1,200+. Shipping locally tends to cost lower on average, although prices still vary. RoadRunner Auto Transport provides an online Vehicle Shipping Cost Calculator for your convenience. For example, the price to ship a 2020 Ford 150 from Havre De Grace, Maryland to Washington D.C. (only 75 miles apart) on March 31, 2021 is $975 plus additional expenses and options. The price to ship the same truck from Baltimore, Maryland to Boise, Idaho on the same date costs $1,785.

Shipping internationally costs an average of $1,000 to $2,000+ per vehicle. Destination charges are also applied. Customs duty taxes and other surcharges are also added. Closed container services add $500 to several thousand dollars more as well. 

Does Insurance Cover Any Damage

U.S. laws require all vehicle shipping companies to carry insurance coverage in amounts capable of paying out for damages sustained to your vehicle while in their care. Your auto insurance policies also protect your automobile from damages during shipping. Talk to your auto insurance company about adding a comprehensive coverage policy or other type of insurance plan to add an extra level of safety and financial protection when shipping your car.

Tips on Getting Discount When Shipping Car

Safety is paramount when shipping your vehicle but affordability is no less important. Discounts are available but how do you get them? Comparison-shop and ask companies to price match your lowest offer. If an enclosed carrier is not necessary, save money by hiring an open transport carrier. Are your pickup and delivery dates flexible? Shipping during off-peak weekdays or during certain months also gets you lower rates with most companies. Terminal-to-terminal carriers charge less than companies providing door-to-door services. If you are able to pick up your vehicle from a terminal or hub without having it delivered directly to your home you save $100s on shipping your automobile. Are you shipping locally or within one to several hundred miles? Hiring a tow truck costs you significantly less than using a vehicle shipping company for local transport. 

Top Companies that Provide Vehicle Shipping

Many vehicle shipping companies offer high-quality services. CarTalk lists Montway Auto Transport, Sherpa Auto Transport and AmeriFreight as some of the top companies providing vehicle shipping in 2021. Additional top vehicle shipping companies in the U.S. include:

Importing Vehicles

Instead of shipping a vehicle national or international some people might need or want to import a vehicle. Unfortunately importing a vehicle into the United States has many restrictions. The following legislations set certain standards that all car imports must meet. One of the basic standards is importing vehicles must be within 25 years old. The vehicle must also be admissible for vehicle import. The vehicle must be cleared by the EPA (environmental Protection Agency) and DOT (Department of Transportation). To find all guidelines to import a vehicle visit Department of Motor Vehicles.