Divorce Attorneys

Between 42% to 45% of marriages end in divorce in the United States. Unfortunately, if there is a divorce, it can be a messy and heartfelt situation.

Not every divorce is the same based on many different factors. For this reason, experienced divorce attorneys are the mediators who help with the division of property and other investments. Divorce attorneys’ practice in the law field under the category of “family law.” It's important to do your research in order to find the best attorney for your needs.

A divorce attorney helps one or more parties during a marriage separation. Some aspects of divorce require assistance to understand the law, establish post-divorce requirements and divide property and assets as well as other facets when divvying a union. 

For instance, child custody lawyers help to set financial and custody requirements such as monthly payments to one parent and child care schedules. A good attorney can argue the best terms for his or her client. 

When to Seek Divorce Services

Looking up tips for a divorce online is one of the ways individuals can prep for marriage separation. However, even the best internet research cannot compare to the experience and utility of a legal professional. 

The more complicated the union, the more beneficial an attorney is. For example, couples who have acquired many properties or who have merged their finances will need to divide these assets, and a lawyer will help his or her client establish the reason they should keep it. 

Likewise, couples with immigration considerations may need to file additional paperwork to retain their status. The most basic divorce services include: 

  • Completing the required legal forms.
  • Filing a petition of divorce with the local court.
  • Serving court forms the other party.
  • Preparing for court. 
Legal professionals explain local separation requirements to clients. Before filing for a marriage dissolution, some states require couples to live in the state or have legally separate for a period.  

The biggest help that lawyers provide is fighting on behalf of their client when he or she may be too emotional. A divorce attorney helps clients through the process as well as provides guidance and advice.

Similarly, couples argue over separation of property and assets, which can draw out the divorce if they cannot come to an agreement. An attorney will negotiate the best terms for his or her client.

Child Custody Lawyers

A family law attorney is essential for couples who are parents. A family law attorney specializes in law relating to family relationships, such as:

  • Child support payments, which are weekly or monthly financial contributions non-custodial parents pay to custodial parents.
  • Alimony, which is the financial responsibility one spouse pays another during and after the separation. For example, when a spouse was not in the workforce due to other marital requirements such as caring for children. 
  • Adoption, which includes parents of mutually adopted and partial adoption, like a stepparent adopting their spouse’s child.
  • Paternity, which includes cases when the father of a child is in question. 
  • Emancipation, which includes children who no longer what to be under the care of one or more of their parents.
Parents may be fighting to keep shared children or requesting financial support as a primary caregiver. Child custody lawyers help establish fair payment amounts based on past and perceived future earnings. 

They also help clients form a solid argument on who should be responsible for future childcare, whether with full or shared custody. This can also include visitation schedules for non-custodial parents.

Preparing for Divorce Online and In Person, Before and After

Starting a search for attorneys specializing in divorce online is a great way to obtain a long list of large firms and local legal professionals. Many websites provide users with testimonials, lists of available services and contact information.

However, asking friends and family first is the best reference. Unfortunately, divorce is becoming more and more common, but close confidantes may have suggestions of legal professionals who they enjoyed working with. 

When it comes to finding family law and child custody lawyers, individuals will want to keep cost and personality in mind. Some professionals may have flat fees while others may reduce their fees if the client does a portion of the work or only requires limited services.

Since couples will be working personally with their legal professional during an emotional period, they should select someone with whom they trust and can communicate with. The great attorney knows what their client values and works to meet their most important goals.

That’s not to say every divorce attorney will coddle clients. Some things divorcing individuals may be expected to do include:

  • Obtaining needed paperwork like tax documents, birth certificates and more.
  • Having reasonable expectations. Lawyers must work within the law and cannot make guarantees to clients to get everything they want.
  • Being professional and courteous, as child custody lawyers are not friends or family members. While divorces are emotional times, clients should not treat their lawyer rudely by yelling or coming to appointments unprepared. 
After the divorce is final, clients may refer to their attorney if their former spouse does not adhere to the divorce terms.