Easy Ways to Get Your Windshield Repaired

Get your windshield repaired at home, at work or anywhere you choose. Insurance can cover the cost of onsite windshield repairs. Get it repaired or new one installed today.

Hearing the sound of a rock or other object crack your windshield is as unwelcome as it is stressful. The good news is there are multiple, easy ways to get your windshield repaired professionally or with DIY (do it yourself) kits.

The severity of the windshield damage determines what level of repair is needed. Many professional services conveniently come to your location, regardless of whether you are at home or work. If the damage is not significant and your vehicle can be safely driven, it is also possible for you to replace or repair the windshield yourself.


Quickly and correctly assessing damage to your windshield helps determined if the glass can be repaired, or if it must be replaced. If reparable, a quick assessment can also help prevent further damage and save money. How do you know what type of windshield damage can be repaired and not replaced? Read ahead to learn about easy ways to get your windshield repaired, how much they cost and what to expect from professional windshield repair services.

Types of Windshield Damage              

The type of damage sustained by your windshield is assessable via a quick inspection of the damaged area. A windshield can be chipped or cracked. Chips are easier to repair than cracks, although repairing cracks is manageable if handled quickly. There are names for the different types of chips:

  • Bulls Eye (circular chip)

  • Half Moon (semi-circular pit)

  • Star Breaks (a central pit with small cracks expanding around it)

  • Pit (scooped out semi-hole)

  • Crack Chip (a crack measuring no more than one inch)

Cracks can run in any direction on a windshield. Longer cracks pose dangerous threats to safety and need to be addressed quickly to prevent further damage or injury. Windshield glass is designed to prevent cuts as much as possible, but a windshield shattering unexpectedly mid-drive can cause serious accidents. Perhaps a lesser-known fact is how windshield integrity provides sixty percent of the structural support in an accident involving a rollover.

Repair vs. Replace

The decision to repair or replace your windshield is affected by several important factors. How big is the damaged area? The larger the size of the damage, the more likely the glass cannot be simply repaired. How far does the chip or crack break through the depth of the windshield? Deeper damage indicates serious risk of further, imminent issues or injury.

The location of the chip or crack is also important. Cracked glass in the driver’s direct line of sight is a safety hazard even if the damage is small. Damage preventing clear, comfortable vision requires the glass being replaced. Finally, it is crucial to assess if the damaged glass adversely impacts any sensors attached to or running through the windshield. Modern safety features include sensors to help with automatic brake systems and lane-change prevention. Broken safety sensor glass also needs to be replaced.                                

What to Expect from Professional Windshield Repair Services 

Professional windshield repair services are in business to repair or replace damaged windshields quickly and conveniently. Appointments can be scheduled at their location of business. Many services also come to you, whether at home or work. This is especially convenient if the damage occurred on the way to work and needs to be repaired before leaving for home again.

Windshield repair technicians assess the damage. When repairing glass, they clean it, dry it and insert resin into the chip or crack. Next they cure the glass by applying heat or vacuum pressure to the windshield. This helps guarantee the resin dries and hardens properly. Once the repair is complete your car is capable of being safely driven with no further delays.

What Are the Average Prices of Windshield Repair Services? 

Prices for windshield repairs services vary based on the size of the chip or crack and type of service received. For example, services willing to come to your place of work or home on the same day might charge more than a business booking a week or more out. Larger chips or cracks also involve more time and work to repair, resulting in increased service charges. 

There are average prices to expect for windshield repairs, however. Cost Hunter indicates repairs can cost as low as $30 and go as high or higher than $150 for more extensively damaged glass. Additional costs for replacing wipers or molding can also apply. Buy DIY kits for as low as $6.54, however these are not meant to handle more serious repair jobs.

Top Professional Windshield Repair Services 

Many professional windshield repair services  are available. Choosing one largely depends on location and severity of damage done to your glass. Locating the best service is as simple as doing an online search in your area. Some services are local only, while others have national franchises. Some of the top professional windshield repairs services available in the U.S. in 2020 include:

Does Insurance Cover Windshield Repairs?

Insurance coverage for windshield damage claims varies based on insurer policies, type of coverage and cause of the damage. Comprehensive car insurance is optional but covers more issues with less or no deductibles. Examine your insurance policy and contact a local agent or online customer service for details about your specific coverage.

DIY Windshield Repair Kits

DIY Windshield repair kits are relatively inexpensive. They are also widely available online and in stores. There are things to consider, however, when deciding to self-repair your windshield. 

Before buying a DIY repair kit make certain the damaged glass is capable of being repaired without professional assistance. Repairing a windshield requires applying some pressure to it during the repair process. If the damage is too severe, pressure may make it worse.

Cracks and chips each require different types of repair kits. Make sure the kit being purchased is suitable for the type of damage being repaired. Using the wrong type of kit can actually make the damage worse.Prices for DIY windshield repair kits vary based on retailer and pieces included in the kit. For example, this Rain-X 600001 kit is only $9.99 through Amazon. The Permatex 09103 kit is $15.99 at Advanced Auto Parts. Overall, DIY windshield repair kits are reasonably priced and often under $20. 

Some risks  come with using DIY kits on damaged glass. While the prices are affordable, performing a DIY repair job incorrectly causes more damage and higher costs in the end. Follow all instructions carefully and make sure your vehicle is safe to drive at all times.