Hiring a Local Handyman

Once you determine you need a handyman the greater task is finding one. Tasks you do not wish to tackle or DIY are easily relegated to someone else as long as they have some experience.

Luckily the handyman industry has enjoyed a surge so finding someone may not be as difficult as you think. Of course it is always best to find someone before you need them because in an emergency situation hiring someone quickly can lead to even greater disasters.

Understanding where to look for a reputable handyman streamlines your search. The companies mentioned in the following information are reputable companies and fully screen their service professionals before allowing them to list their services on the site. Finding the handyman is only half the battle. How much should you expect to pay for typical repairs and odd jobs? Understanding how to negotiate and why a handyman may charge higher dollar amounts for some jobs makes it easier for you to budget for the services you need.

Where Can I Find a Good Handyman Near Me?

One of the first, and often the best, places to find a good local handyman is to ask people on your social media sites. Chances are good that someone in your circle of friends has a local handyman they’ve used in the past and would recommend. Conversely, you may have friends on social media who can warn you away from service professionals with whom they’ve had bad service. Word of mouth is golden. Start there.

The next place to look for a good handyman is in the local newspaper. Often handymen advertise in the classified sections and list what types of services they perform. If there is no local newspaper then see if there is a local homeowner’s newsletter. Often those have classified sections as well. The Yellow Pages have gone online now and you can put in the search term “handyman” to get a list of professionals who are near you.

Keep in mind, however, that anyone can place an ad in a newspaper or in the Yellow Pages, so make sure you check out anyone you are considering with the Better Business Bureau. If they are not rated with the BBB it means they either do not make enough money to purchase membership and receive a rating, or they have gotten many complaints and were refused membership.

  • YELP

YELP is a reviews site that allows users to see how others have rated a certain business. Once you go to YELP simply type in the keyword “handyman” and your zip code. You are presented with a list of professionals in and around your area. The bonus of looking for service professionals through YELP is that reviews of that handyman’s service are listed there for review. Make sure to look at the age of the reviews and make sure those glowing reviews you read are as recent as a few months.

  • Angie’s List

Angie’s List has been around for a long time for good reason. Their service professionals go through a rigorous screening program before they are allowed to list their business on the site. Simply logon to the site and scroll to the service you need. Put in your local zip code or city and a number of professionals are listed. You can request a quote from any of those you see listed by hitting the “get a quote” button. You have the option of leaving your cell number so the handymen you have requested a quote from can contact you directly.

  • Home Advisor

A competitor of Angie’s List is Home Advisor. They have not been in business as long as Angie’s List, but they offer more expanded access to a multitude of service professionals. They give you a personal phone call to obtain details about your handyman project and then personally direct your project to those who are qualified. Like Angie’s List professionals cannot be listed on the site if they have too many complaints.

  • ThumbTack

Taking a nod from the Air B&B model, Thumbtack is a company that allows people from your community to list services they have to offer locally. The pricing is often listed right below the person’s name. Chances are very good, if you live in a small town, that you know that person or someone who knows them. Simply take a picture of the project you need tackled and then put in your zip code. A list of people who would be interested in that project appear. Upload the picture of your project to them and receive a bid all on your phone.

How Much Does a Local Handyman Cost?

The price you pay is based on several factors. First it depends on the type of job you want the handyman to complete. Next, it depends on the area of the country in which you live. A handyman in Florida may charge less for a project than someone in Wisconsin. This is tied to the cost of living factor in each state. As a rule of thumb expect to pay between $75-125 for small jobs that take only a few hours to complete. Jobs that are a little more complex and involve the use of equipment or power tools can run between $150-300.  Other more involved jobs that will take four hours or several days to complete could cost you as much as $1000. None of these prices include the purchase of materials which most handymen prefer you complete on your own. Here are the average costs for most common jobs:

  • Clean gutters: $100

  • Hang Heavy Piece of Artwork: $80

  • Replace a leaky faucet: $150

  • Hook up Washer/Dryer: $100

  • Repair drywall: $450 or more