Lawn Care Services and Taking Care of Your Lawn

Get the best lawn care services at great prices when you find the right service for your home.

An attractive lawn not only adds value to your home but also gives you and your family an incredible space to appreciate nature. The lawn is a significant area in your garden. Although it may appear quite straightforward, there's a lot more to lawn care than cutting it every once in a while.

Total lawn care is maintaining of a lawn by mowing, watering, applying fertilizer fighting both pests and diseases and de-thatching.

How to Take Care of a Lawn During Various Seasons

Here are the essential tips you should consider for your garden.

Spring Lawn Care Tips

  • Fertilize: There is certainly an ideal time to prepare your garden. Spring is the best time to begin developing your grass. It would help if you considered applying compost to your garden. Lawn care companies can assist you in deciding when to apply fertilizer and even carry out the responsibility for you.

  • Weeding: Weeds are usually the main indication that spring is here since they quickly pop up. Weeding your grass earlier prevents the plants from developing regardless, which permits your garden to grow with no hindrance. There are various products to use when weeding, for instance, fungicides that will allow you lawn to nourish.

Summer Lawn Care Tips

Even though maintaining your yard to be healthy and lavish during summertime requires effort, it is possible.

  • Treat for pests: Insects may appear in large numbers during the summer, remember that not every one of them will cause damage to your lawn.
However, Japanese beetles, June bugs, and European chafers will eat your grass, leading to shrinking and uncovered patches.

  • Control weeds: If you respond quickly during the summer, you will destroy the weeds before they blossom and disperse seeds. Be careful when using herbicides since they can kill the grass.

Lawn Care Tips for the Winter

  • Circulate air through the lawn: Supply some additional air to grassroots by circulating air through your yard. Remove spikes of soil from the lawn using a spade to create openings for planting seeds.

  • Perhaps your yard is huge. Therefore, you should hire either a mechanized or a manual aerator.

Cost of lawn care weekly and annually

On average, garden mowing and cutting cost $50, with costs going somewhere between the range of $35 and $135. To find lawn care service, it depends on the size of the lawn and how frequent you want to cut or trim the lawn. Here is an example of lawn mowing costs depending on how often you carry out lawn care services.

Cost of weekly, monthly, and annually lawn care service:

  • Once a month $140
  • Once a week $200
  • Annually $380

American seniors realize that maintaining the beauty of a lawn is more of a task than a hobby. Therefore, it is the perfect opportunity for seniors to look for affordable lawn care services for seniors.

Products to Use for Lawn Care

For chemical substances, seeds, and composts, there are natural choices that can be used more securely around pets and kids.

Here are some of the best products to use for lawn care.

  • Hand Sprayer Water Sprinklers: It is designed with a High-Pressure Pistol Grip Front Trigger and used for grass and lawn watering purposes.

  • Sawyer Products Premium Permethrin Clothing Insect Repellent Trigger Spray: The concoction is appropriately used in various bug repellant applications and hinders the yellow fever mosquito that transmits Zika Virus.

  • Fiskars Traditional Bypass Pruning Shears: It is a long-lasting hand pruning shears. 

There are some products you should avoid using on your lawn in order to maintain the look. 

  • Try not to use a blunt mower blade.
  • Never water the lawn daily.
  • Try not to utilize Broadleaf Herbicides in very high temperatures.

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Companies that make lawn products

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