Moving Made Easy

Moving to a new home is an exciting experience for many people. Moving to a new home is not going to be a walk in the park if you are not prepared. You need to hire a professional moving service that will make the moving process smooth. Read on for the tips on finding the best movers.

Check How Long the Company Has Been in Business

A moving company that has operated for a long time has experience. This shows that they have the credentials and track record in planning and executing moving services. Consider hiring a company with at least ten years of experience.

Check if the Company is Licensed

If you are moving from county to county, the moving company should be licensed by the Department of Transportation. If you are looking to move within the state, the moving company should have a valid state license.

Check if the Company is Insured

Never use a moving company without an insurance cover. An uninsured moving company possesses a high risk for your belongings. Ask a prospective moving company to produce proof of insurance before hiring them.

Find the Moving Services Offered

It is vital to know the extent of work a moving company is offering. Most moving companies will perform standard house to house moves. However, if you have any special items, the company may not have the equipment to complete the task.

Types of Moving

  • Local moves
These are also called short moves. This is the simplest form of moving since it covers a short distance. Short distance moving consists of distances within a city or a city and its suburbs.

  • Long-distance moving
If you are moving within the state but your destination is over 100 miles away, then your move is long distance. Long distance moving is either full-service move or self-service move.

  • International move
An international move occurs when homeowners relocate to another country. Homeowners will have to hire movers specialized in international moving.

  • Labor only move
These are moving services whereby the moving company sends their crew to load or unload the moving truck.

  • Moving estimate
When homeowners interview moving companies, they ask for an in-house estimate for the most precise pricing. Types of moving estimates include:

  • Binding estimates
These are fixed estimates based on your belongings’ weight and are not adjusted even if the items end up weighing less.

  • Non-binding estimates
These are estimates that are bound to change and depend on the actual weight of the items being moved.

  • Binding not to exceed estimates
The moving company will estimate the weight of the client’s items, but if the actual weight is more than the estimate, the client will not be charged extra costs.

Here Are the Services That a Moving Service Will Offer You:


The moving company will place all the items inside boxes, label them, and unpack them at the destination. Professional movers will pack your belongings safely, securely, and efficiently.

Furniture disassembly

Some furniture may not fit through the doors and hallways of a home. Professionals who are large furniture movers have the right tools to disassemble the furniture and securely load it to the moving truck.

Loading the moving truck

After packing your belongings, the movers will load them on the moving truck carefully and safely. Professional movers know how to reduce the risk of damage to your items during transportation.

Moving Companies:

There are many moving companies to choose from and each one will provide reviews online by their company or others who have tried their services. Here are some popular moving companies you may be able to hire for your next move.

Some do it yourself companies are