Get The Best Office Cleaning Services

2020 has been a difficult year for businesses due to the Coronavirus and now lingering into 2021. Many nonessential businesses were forced to shut down and are only now starting to reopen. Before businesses can fully open, a thorough and continuous professional cleaning and sanitization of all common areas is necessary. Here are top options for best services.

Because the Coronavirus spreads so easily, businesses are updating their cleaning services. While many large office buildings employ custodians, these employees only focus on small, day to day cleaning. In order to thoroughly clean a large office building or warehouse, consider hiring a professional commercial cleaning service.

Responsibilities of a Commercial Cleaning Service

Commercial cleaning services focus on bigger cleaning products in your office or warehouse. Normally, a business only hires a commercial cleaning service once or twice in the year. Because of the Coronavirus, companies are advised to hire commercial cleaners more frequently. Many companies are offering contract cleaning services, which allow you to schedule multiple appointments throughout the year, normally at a discounted rate. How often you need cleaning services depends on many factors, such as the size of your office, the number of employees and customers and the type of business. Some of the main services provided by commercial cleaners include:

  • Extensive carpet cleaning and window washing

  • Tile, grout and other hard surface cleaning

  • Power washing

  • Furniture and upholstery cleaning

While it may sound like some of these services are covered by custodial staff, there are some differences. Commercial cleaners use advanced equipment, such as carpet extractors, sweepers, pressure washers and specialized vacuums, many of which cost several thousand dollars. These tools are more advanced than the equipment used in normal cleaning operations. With the Coronavirus, commercial cleaners also employ more protective equipment, which is now a necessity for advanced cleaning jobs.

Cost of Commercial Cleaners

The exact cost of commercial cleaners varies depending on the company, but in most cases, the company charges based on the size of your office or warehouse. Some commercial cleaners also charge extra for additional cleaning services. You may be able to get some price reductions as well, such as signing a contract for multiple cleanings throughout the year. Some commercial cleaners use an hourly rate, while others charge a fixed rate.

For a smaller, one story building, the cost is normally around $100 to $125. If you have a two-floor office building, the price increases to $200 to $250. A larger, four story building costs around $400 to $450. If you break it down by hour, most companies charge between $30 and $40. Some commercial cleaners are including additional fees because of the Coronavirus. Typically, these fees include the cost of extra protective equipment or hazard pay for employees. It also includes extra costs for the stronger cleaning materials many commercial cleaners are using because of the Coronavirus.

Tips for Picking a Commercial Cleaner

Picking a commercial cleaner is an important decision. Do not hire the first company you find. Come up with a list of several potential companies. Take the time to do basic research on your candidates. This includes calling up the candidates and asking questions. Some important questions to ask include how they determine pricing, when they are available, how long the cleaning takes and what type of offices the company normally cleans. If you have a larger office and the company normally handles one- or two-story buildings, consider looking for a different company.

Do not be afraid to ask for references. A legitimate commercial cleaner should have a list of previous clients you can contact. You can also check online to search for reviews of the company, but directly speaking with past clients is often the best way to get a fair review of the business.

Once you settle on a company, make sure you have a written contract, detailing everything the cleaners intend to do. The contract should also include a detailed list of the expenses. This keeps the company from adding on extraneous charges after the cleaning.

Recommended Commercial Cleaning Services

If you do not know where to start looking for commercial cleaners, there are many existing companies with excellent reviews to choose from.

  • One of the largest cleaning services in the United States is Anago Cleaning Systems. Anago has over 1,700 locations throughout the United States. They provide some of the best customer service, offering a total satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with any of the services, Anago will send a cleaning team out to your offices within two hours to address your concerns.

  • If you are concerned about going green, consider hiring Bonus Building Care. Bonus Building Care is primarily located in the southern part of the United States. The company specializes in cleaning a variety of commercial buildings, including schools, entertainment venues and healthcare offices.

  • CleanNet USA is another top commercial cleaning service. CleanNet places a greater emphasis on quality control, providing a detailed breakdown of their cleaning methods. You can even keep track of the cleaning terms using the CleanNet app. CleanNet works with many local contractors in the area. In addition to cleaning offices, the company also runs training seminars for other cleaning agencies.

  • Jan-Pro started as a small cleaning franchise in Rhode Island. Over the years, it has grown into a cleaning empire, with over 8,000 locations. Jan-Pro prides itself on providing a unique cleaning experience. An owner-operator personally oversees each job, going through the office to create a custom cleaning plan for each office. Jan-Pro was also one of the first commercial cleaners to develop cleaning plans specifically for the Coronavirus.

  • In terms of reliability, it is hard to find a company with a better reputation than Jani-King. Jani-King has been in business since the 1960s. Today, the company primarily focuses on larger businesses, including hotels, college campuses, manufacturing facilities and sports venues. However, there are cleaning plans available for smaller offices. The company is also equipped to clean healthcare facilities as well.