Get An Associates Degree Online

An associates degree helps quickly begin a career in the field of your choice. Online flexible schedules and financial aid available.

Obtaining an associates degree helps you quickly begin a career in the vocational field of your choice. Most associates degrees can be completed in two years or less. Choosing the best school and online degree program to match your career goals is essential. The steps to enrolling are equally important to understand.

Can I get an associates degree online? High-quality associates degrees are available online in 2021. Plenty of online resources are also available to help you choose the right one for your goals and needs. Are you unable to pay for school? Financial aid and grants might also be available to help reduce your expenses. Read ahead for an informative guide on how to get an associates degree online today.

Benefits of an Online Associates Degree

Online associates degree programs offer numerous benefits, especially in modern times. Online degrees programs cost less money on average than do on-campus degree programs. While tuition for online degree programs is not necessarily reduced, the costs for room & board are eliminated. Expenses related to commuting such as gas, food and more are also eliminated. 

Online associates degree programs offer similar or the same courses as on-campus programs albeit from the convenience of your home. Schedule flexibility and course/content recall is a huge benefit of an online associates degree program. Do you prefer to study in a library or coffee shop? Your online associates degree program is accessible from anywhere reliable Wi-Fi service is available. Learning at your own pace is also possible with online college curriculum. Finally, the stress of worrying about social distancing and COVID-19 safety protocols is also eliminated when attending online classes.

Steps to Enrolling

The steps to enrolling in an online associates degree program are comprehensive but easy to follow. The first step is to recognize and choose your career path. It is crucial to enroll in an associates degree program suitable for your career of choice. For example, as associates degree in computer programming is not going to help you become a registered nurse. The second step to enrolling is learning about the education requirements you need to achieve your career goals. Some companies only hire new employees who hold a bachelor’s degree or higher. If the job you are pursuing requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, enroll in an associates program capable of advancing you accordingly. 

Search for online schools with the best job placement percentages post-graduation. Select a few school options so you have backup plans available. Make certain all schools in consideration are accredited. Research applicable tuition, books and other expenses related to your online education. Some schools charge application and processing fees on top of all other expenses. Be certain to know every dollar required to enroll. Are you able to pay for your associates degree costs without help? Every school has a financial aid office. Talk to financial aid advisors to discover all your options for possible funding to help pay for your school. Applying to one school does not prevent you from applying in others. Applying to several of your top preferred schools allow you to fully understand all your option prior to making a commitment.

Types of Associate Degrees

Countless types of associate degrees are obtainable online in 2021. The type of degree you pursue is largely dependent on your chosen career path. Is your goal to work in cyber security? An associate degree in Information Technologies (IT) might be the place to start. Are you planning to become a registered nurse (RN)? An associate degree in nursing is required. What other types of associate degrees are popular and valuable in 2021?

  • Medical assistant

  • Business administration

  • Education/teaching

  • Counseling/substance abuse

  • Psychology

  • Social work

When considering your career path and applicable associate degree program it is also advisable to look at ranges for starting and median salaries in your vocational field of choice. For example, the average median starting salary for an RN is listed at over $61,000 per year on the ZipRecruiter website. lists the average median starting salary for a social worker at approximately $42,000 per year. Knowing the income potential for various careers helps you choose the best type of associates degree program for you.

How to Get and Apply for Financial Aid & Grants

Use the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form to apply for government-funded financial aid. Federal Pell Grants and a vast amount of other financial aid options are available to potentially pay for some or all of your school-related expenses. It is crucial to submit your financial aid applications prior to the deadlines as mandated in your state.

Online Resources to Find More Information

Additional online resources to find more information about obtaining an associates degree online are available. Resources include various ways to acquire financial aid as well as general information pursuant to obtaining an online associates degree. Additional online resources to find more information include: