Online College For Adults

Looking for free or low cost online classes? Use this handy guide to find the best ones and get started today!

You know what they say, great things come with age. This includes fine wines, the best cheeses, and people. One of the greatest things that come with age is the education discounts. Adults and senior citizens can find many educational discounts at community centers, colleges, universities, and online. 

Due to the rise of technology and software and the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a significant demand for the public to adapt their skillset and resources to the speed of technology and software development. Which has left many non-tech savvy adults struggling to find jobs. Now is the perfect time for adults and seniors to embrace free learning experiences about recent technology and software from Microsoft applications to web browsers. Here are the top free education resources for adults and seniors to learn technology and software at home. 


This resource offers older generations courses for learning how to navigate social media platforms. Do not let their emphasis on social media trick your assumptions about the website. TechBoomers provides its users with over 100 free tutorials for many different platforms such as

  • PokemonGo

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • LinkedIn

  • eBay

The website also provides further instruction on how to optimize your security functions on your computer while you use these platforms. Venturing into the digital universe that is social media can be a daunting or even harrowing experience for those who are unfamiliar with them, so let TechBoomers be your helpful guide.

Skillful Senior 

This resource offers excellent solutions for people who are unfamiliar with using computers and technology of any kind. This can have adverse effects for those without this skillset in their wheelhouse. Their mission, Skillful Senior, aims to break down barriers that prevent older generations from getting acquainted with new technology such as skill gaps. Skillful Senior provides basic computer skills including instructions informing users how to appropriately use a mouse and keyboard, as well as navigating emails, and improving trying speeds. If your skillset exceeds basic computer skills, Skillful Senior also offers more advanced instruction materials. 

Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

This resource will be the best instructional website site for you to explore if you want to learn more about Microsoft applications such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint. The website offers additional resources for you to become familiar with Google and QuickBooks. Teach an Old Dog New Tricks will be your favorite resource if you like sharing and presenting information with others. Not to mention that many job opportunities require you to know Microsoft applications such as Excel, Word, or PowerPoint. Teach an Old Dog New Tricks has a variety of different subjects and offers 70+ hours of free training. 

The Senior's Guide to Computers 

This resource will be one of the best resources to learn more in-depth information about technology and software. The founder of this resource has been learning and working with computers since 1979. This program offers knowledge for intermediate users who want to learn more about the differences between computer hardware, computer software, web development, storing data, and the internet. The Seniors Guide to Computers does this through videos, pictures, and examples on how to use a computer. This has been proven to be a very effective hands on approach. If you are the type of learner who does best while watching others go through a process, and then are given a chance to practice it yourself, then this is the course for you.

Goodwill Community Foundation Learn Free 

The world around us is changing constantly with the help of computers, and many older people may find themselves at a disadvantage with the increased use of computers. This is why Goodwill Community Foundation Learn Free website was launched online.

This resource has an extensive database offering over 2,000 free online tutorials teaching over 180 technology and software subjects. Goodwill Community Foundation Learn Free offers courses for users of multiple skill levels. This platform provides you with interactive learning options that help you retain the new information that you have just learned.

Home and Learn 

Like Skillful Senior, this resource offers you with tutorials teaching how a computer works and is completely geared for complete beginners when it comes to the computer, or technology itself. If you need to gather more information about operating systems (like Windows 10) or need-to-know information about the latest spyware, this is the best place to start learning more about computers. These training tutorials will see that every senior or beginner has a good understanding of how a computer functions, they then can go on to find more advanced tutorials. Home and Learn unfortunately only has beginner tutorials and some tutorials on various software and spywares. If more advanced classes are wanted then you’ll need to look around some of the other, previously listed, sites above