The Benefits of Online Pharmacies

In this day and age, everything designed is to produce the most significant level of satisfaction and convenience. In recent years, books, clothing, pet food, and groceries are purchased online. One of the last businesses to become online are pharmacies.

Many factors need consideration when finding the best online pharmacy provider. The first issue to address is the possibility of scammers to take advantage of unsuspecting individuals. The second issue is the possibility of many drug interactions that could occur is pharmacies are not aware of all prescriptions. A third issue is a possibility that licensed pharmacists may not fill many of these drugs, or that there may be unchecked impurities in the unregulated medicines. Another fact often overlooked by online shoppers is the inability to talk to certified pharmacists about drug interactions, common side effects, and possible precautions needed.

Online Shopping Can Provide More Privacy

Online shopping is convenient, it is private, and it is generally cheaper. Concerning prescriptions, online convenience, and pricing make it a welcomed option for senior citizens, disabled citizens, and citizens without viable transportation. More and more companies have added an online Rx delivery to their list of services. The lack of cost with pharmacy delivery services makes it a viable option for people on a fixed income.

As the mortality rate of people increases, there are high costs that need addressing. Seniors often suffer from many ailments and tend to spend a considerable percentage of their fixed income on medications. There are many costs associated with senior prescriptions, such as copay, deductibles, and insurance premiums. With the Medicare programs, there are portions of expenses that are not covered by insurance. The individual must pay all uncovered costs. This cost creates a financial strain on many seniors, and on many occasions, they do not fill their prescriptions.

Why Online Pharmacies are Becoming More Popular

To make online pharmacies more attractive to everyone, many large chain pharmacies have included pharmacy delivery services. These delivery services may allow seniors and other qualifying individuals to receive their medications without the copay. In some instances, seniors may be able to get up to a three-month supply by merely paying a one-month copay. This feature is attractive for individuals with a fixed income or those who have a disability and cannot make it into the pharmacy.

With pharmacy delivery services, there are often several options.

  • The first option is free Rx delivery or no cost prescription delivery to local individuals (1-2 days).

  • The second option is a standard delivery, which is also free (5 - 10 days). The third option is an expedited online service that has minimal costs (generally 2 days).

  • The final option is overnight shipping with a more significant cost (1-day delivery).

With seniors on a limited income (below $18,090 if single, and 24,360 if married), there are government assistance programs working with Medicare that can limit the copay or deductible. These programs give savings to seniors and children that qualify for the low-income classification. When using Medicare for prescription deliveries, individuals can get a 30 day supply, which saves with copay, deductions, and many other prescription fees.