Pool Cleaning, Maintenance and Repairs

Hiring a professional pool maintenance service saves valuable time. Read about professional cleaning, maintenance, and repair services available today.

Pool cleaning and maintenance is an ongoing process for pool owners in all climates around the U.S. today. Weekly, monthly, and seasonal maintenance is vital to the cleanliness and health of your pool and the people swimming in it. Tackling the work, yourself might take up to two hours of time each session and requires the accurate use of specific chemicals to do the job correctly. DIY pool projects are enticing for many pool owners, but a professional pool maintenance service could perform the same job with more efficiency and speed.

Relying on a professional swimming pool maintenance service saves you time and is ultimately the best decision for the health of your pool, guests, and family. Learning about the types of services pools need, how often they need them, and their averages costs is an important step to saving valuable time and reducing stress. Read ahead for valuable information about professional cleaning, maintenance, and repair services available for your pool in 2021.


Swimming Pool Maintenance 101

Pool owners living in temperate climates deal with necessary pool cleaning and maintenance issues all year long. Swimmers who live in areas experiencing all four seasons must still deal with the proper draining and protective treatment of their pools to prevent cracks and other damages. Some level of pool maintenance is required regardless of the season to keep a pool in excellent swimmable condition. This requires different weekly and monthly cleaning routines as well as seasonal checkups and maintenance as applicable.

Hiring an expert-level professional pool service is advisable for multiple reasons. Chemicals used to properly treat your pool water and maintain its healthy condition require careful handling, knowledge, and experience. Large pools and pools positioned in yards with numerous trees cause hours of work and stress for many homeowners with DIY ambitions. Skimming your pool water and keeping careful watch for leaks and issues are tasks handled by pool owners without much trouble. When it comes to more serious cleaning and maintenance/repairs it is often the best decision to hire an experienced professional service.

Importance of Frequent Swimming Pool Maintenance

Regardless of your location your pool needs frequent maintenance and cleaning to keep it usable during appropriate seasons. If you live in an area where you pool is usable all year round the work involved in maintaining it is time-consuming and intense. People install swimming pools for relaxation and enjoyment purposes - not to create additional work. Installing a screen enclosure helps reduce outside debris but it cannot cleanse and disinfect the pool from the buildup of oily sunscreen lotions and body oils themselves.

The frequency of maintenance and cleaning required to keep your pool in perfect working order is relative to where you live and how much your pool is used. Cleaning and maintenance are important for more reasons than usability, however. For example, your swimming pool is an expensive investment. The investment applies to your quality of life and the value of your home, both of which are serious considerations. An unkempt pool not only reduces its enjoyability - it also reduces the value of your home at selling time. Swimming pools are also potent breeding grounds for algae, pests, small bugs, and creatures of various sizes. Fish are unable to grow in pools because even a small trace of chlorine is deadly to all species. Algae is not affected in the same way, however, and the growth of such microscopic organisms attracts multiple rungs from the food chain including insects to small birds to predatory eagles and hawks.

Types of Maintenance and Repair Services

Your swimming pool requires numerous types of cleaning processes and maintenance services to sustain proper working condition and usability. Many common repairs for pools are necessary only because regular cleaning and maintenance checks were not performed as needed. Some repairs are caused by the elements and therefore unavailable, but many are preventable. The water balance, filtration system, chemical saturation, hardware and tools, and areas surrounding your pool (deck, steps, etc.) all require regular servicing at some level all year long. Maintenance packages are available from local pool maintenance professionals. Services start as low as $25. Most businesses allow you to book an appointment or reoccurring appoints online.

Water Balance and Chemical Saturation

One of the most important aspects of maintaining your pool is often the most confusing to comprehend for the average pool owner. The balance and saturation of chemicals in your swimming water are both crucial for keeping the water at safe and healthy swimming levels. Purchasing a DIY water testing kit to check for a neutral pH level in your pool water is helpful but most times a professional service is needed to handle the testing and balancing job properly.

Filtration System

The pool filter requires weekly maintenance to support proper working status. Particles of dirt and debris lodge in the filter and prevent it from doing its job. A clogged filter results in unhealthy pool water. The timing of when and for how long you run your filter is also vital to its health and the quality of your water.

Pool Tools and Hardware

All the tools and hardware helping your pool to remain clean require frequent maintenance checkups. Broken gaskets, hoses and mechanical devices cause dirty and damaged water. Regular maintenance on these integral components saves you money by prevent major repairs. 

Tiles, Leaks and Surrounding Areas

Tiles in pools are subjected to cracks and degradation of quality. Leaks in pool walls and equipment are preventable with regular checkups. Your pool deck and surrounding areas also require checkups. A degraded deck or cement surfaces around your pool put the structural integrity of your pool at risk.


Resurfacing helps prevent leaks and treats your pool for off-season closures. Five steps are involved in resurfacing your pool. These five steps include:

  • Draining.

  • Preparation.

  • Bond coating.

  • Application of interior finish.

  • Refilling.

Tops Companies and Average Costs

Professional pools services cost approximately $1,432/yr on average. Repairs cost between $150-$900 on average and monthly cleaning costs between approximately $80-$200/mo. Prices range between each service provider and based on your pool size, repair needs and location. Top-quality nationwide pool service companies in 2021 include: