Day Trading Made Easy: Start a Beginners Course Today

Increase your income with day trading. Courses are available online with top easy to use platforms with free options available online.

Day trading is a type of investment where you purchase and sell stocks within the same day. While day trading can occur in any type of market, it is most common with foreign exchange and the stock market. Some day traders make their entire career out of selling stocks, while others use it as a second income source. Both are viable options and largely depend on your knowledge of the market, current financial situation and how much time you can dedicate to watching the market each day.

Day trading is not something you want to blindly attempt. In order to succeed as a day trader, it is imperative you understand market trends and how to use leverage to capitalize on single day purchases. Fortunately, there are many day trading classes available. Some cover the basics, while others go into advanced market strategies. 

Skills to Succeed at Day Trading

Day trading classes cover a number of areas. Before booking a class, it is important to understand the general skills needed for day trading. If you do not have an interest in the basic skills for day trading, you are strongly advised not to risk your money. In order to succeed at day trading, you must master these skills:

  • Studying the market, including tracking patterns and researching stock history.

  • Exercising patience and discipline while buying and selling stocks.

  • Adapting to sudden market changes.

  • Risk assessment and handling losses.

  • Working independently.

One of the most important lessons to learn from day trading courses is how to handle loses. Even the most successful day traders frequently lose on their investments. Successful day trading is about maximizing your earnings through multiple investments. As long as you are making a net profit, it does not matter if some of your stocks lose money. In some cases, the majority of your stocks may sell at a loss, but you still make a profit off of the successful ones. Do not make the mistake of trying to maximize every individual stock. It takes too much time, and even if you salvage one stock, it may come at the cost of ignoring the rest.

Free Online Trading Courses

Day trading and other online courses are available online. Many companies provide free training on their websites and on YouTube. Humbled Trader and Warrior Trading offer hundreds of videos to help you get familiar and start day trading.

Warrior Trading

Warrior Trading is popular among day traders because there are so many classes available. There are three tiers of classes, starter, pro and inner circle. The starter class takes one month to complete and teaches you all the basics about financial markets. During the month, you use a real-time trading simulator to apply your lessons. You can also speak with other students through the Warrior chatrooms. 

Warrior pro classes are taught in smaller groups, led by a mentor. These classes meet six times per week, over the course of three months. You also gain access to video lectures, which covers additional areas like swing trading and cryptocurrency. The inner circle is a continuation of the pro classes, lasting for a year. In addition to the smaller courses, you also get one-on-one sessions with your mentor, each lasting an hour.

Bear Bull Traders

Bear Bull Traders is one of the newest courses on day trading, but it has an extensive video library, filled with tutorials for both new and experienced day traders. While there are weekly classes taught online, the majority of the resources are available through online guides. This allows you to learn at your own pace and schedule. Membership also gives you access to a virtual trading simulator, to practice all the skills you learn. There are multiple chatrooms as well, based on trade interests, where you can speak with other users.

Part of what sets Bear Bull Traders apart from other day trading programs is the emphasis on mental strategies. As of writing, there are four psychologists on staff, teaching theories on how to mentally prepare yourself for day trading, including accepting losses and staying focused. Bear Bull Traders is one of the pricier options, but you can purchase a lifetime membership to avoid monthly fees. Additionally, the company frequently hosts sales, sometimes offering 20% discounts on both monthly and lifetime rates.

Day Trading Academy

Day Trading Academy is largely focused on new day traders, but there are some classes available for advanced strategies. The classes are divided into four sections. The first is a general introduction to day trading, which covers all the basic skills needed for the rest of the classes. Next is Learning and Understanding the Indicators, which teaches you how to study market trends and what to look for in investments.

The next two classes, Congressive Trading Strategy and Transitioning into the Live Market focus on how to successfully buy and sell and use leverage to get the most out of your investments. All of the classes are taught twice during the week. As a member, you also have access to instructional videos and exercises hosted by the academy.

In addition to the general classes, you can also assign up for personal mentoring. This provides a one-on-one experience where you learn from an experienced day trader.