Get Heaters & Furnace Serviced: Best Options

Heater & furnace maintenance is recommended once a year on average. Read information on the best options to get your heater & furnace serviced today.

Do you take your car in for regular maintenance services? Do you cut your grass when it grows too high and/or water it if it gets too dry? Car & lawn maintenance are both recurring needs most people in the U.S. do not ignore. Of equal importance is the need to get your heater and furnace serviced on a regular basis as well. What are the best options for getting your heater/furnace serviced? How much does this type of regular maintenance cost on average?

Regular heater and furnace maintenance is recommended once a year on average. Various unit types require equally varied frequencies between scheduled regular services, however. What type of heater and furnace repairs and services do you need? What are the top national companies providing maintenance service packages in 2021? Read ahead for helpful information on the best options to get your heater and furnace serviced today.

Regular Service & Maintenance – How It Helps

Depending on the season and location your heater and furnace are either running or sitting idle for long periods of time. Regardless of the scenario an over or under-worked heating system is bound to require maintenance service to keep it in the best shape possible and extend its active life. If your heater and furnace are not acting the way they normally should, it might be due to a lack of recurring maintenance and upkeep.

The heating system in your home makes up approximately forty-five percent of your overall energy/electric expenses every year. Having regular maintenance performed on your heating system helps keep these energy bills down. Another primary reason to schedule regular maintenance services on your heating system involves potential repair/replacement expenses. Smaller damages leading to inadequate operation, malfunctions and other problems often occur well before you notice a problem exists. Smaller damages quickly turn into expensive repair bills, which potentially turn until even more expensive replacement bills. Regular maintenance appointments prevent many damages from ever happening and thus save you money in the end.

The quality of the air in your home will also be better if you schedule regular maintenance for your heating system and have the filters and other applicable parts cleaned/changed. What is one more benefit of scheduling regular service and maintenance on your heater and furnace? Regular maintenance helps protect the validity of your warranty, which prevents you from spending out-of-pocket money on what would have been otherwise covered expenses. 

8 Types of Heater and Furnace Repairs

Various issues can damage your heater and furnace throughout the year, regardless of climate or amount of use. Some are more typical than others, however. The top 8 types of heater and furnace repairs are:

  • Replacing thermostat batteries/components.

  • Unclogging/cleaning/replacing filters.

  • Investigating banging, rattling noises (possible loose ducts or small animal invasions).

  • Water leaks/damage.

  • Heating system blowing cold air.

  • Abnormally expensive monthly energy bills.

  • Bad or unusual odors (including gas, oil, fuel or decay).

  • Ignition failure/inconsistent operating patterns.

Average Costs

Various factors influence the costs of regular heater and furnace maintenance services including the type of system/unit you own and potential damages done to it between service dates. The national median cost for heater and furnace maintenance services is approximately $270, with a low range of $50 - $150 per service. Some companies bill for a minimum $50-$100 service charge for making the house call whether additional work is done or not. Others offer free estimates. The maximum average cost for regular heater and furnace maintenance services is approximately $800, although many factors impact this price. Replacing your heater or furnace might cost thousands of dollars, however, so it is almost always more sensible to save money through regular maintenance visits.

Heater & Furnace Service – How Often?

It is highly recommended to get your heater and furnace serviced at least once a year. The type of unit and components you own might alter the needed frequency, as might the age of your units. For the best results schedule regular maintenance services at the beginning of autumn and end of each winter season.

National Heater & Furnace Repair Companies (and packages)

One of the best and more popular national heater and furnace repair companies (with affordable packages) is National HVAC Service. All National HVAC Service technicians are educated and trained by Service Logic, which is one of the leading HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) certificate-based training programs in the country. Multiple resources such as HomeAdvisor, and Yelp also help you find the best national companies with services near you fast. Some companies only operate in limited regions of the U.S. while others are available in every state. For example, Total System Services operates in the U.S. Pacific North West, whereas Sears HVAC repair services are available nationwide. Additional national/regional heater & furnace repair companies (or resources to find them) available in 2021 include: