Canceling a Timeshare: Start Now

Anyone who is unhappy with their timeshare purchase should act fast. There are a handful of options that are helpful for individuals immediately after purchasing this product. Get help now.

Timeshares are often burdens on families who are roped in by deceptive marketing and high-pressure sales events. They are problematic investments that go down in value every year. Thousands of people want to get rid of their timeshare within a year or two of buying it. But there are not many easy options for getting out of a timeshare contract. The law only provides a few basic protections and forces people to work many hours on their own to cancel a timeshare.

What To Do

Anyone who is unhappy with their timeshare purchase should act fast. There are a handful of options that are helpful for individuals immediately after purchasing this product. Quick action could save a person weeks or even months of headaches. They should always start with a lawyer if they can.

Lawyers can help a person navigate all of the potential legal avenues towards solving their problem. They can also serve as an advocate in all kinds of situations when a person is going up against their timeshare company. A person unhappy with their timeshare should also collect all of their documents. They may be needed in any sort of legal proceeding that happens against a timeshare company.


There are a number of options that individuals may have to getting out of their timeshare contract.

  • One of these is initial cancellation during what is known as the "cooling off" period. Individuals have a period of several days where they can cancel a timeshare contract with no questions asked. This concept is added into timeshare contracts to help individuals realize they may have made a mistake at some point and can back out by a particular date after the signing of the timeshare contract. Cancellation by this method is relatively easy and simple. It does not even require a lawyer. But it must be done often within a few days or weeks of signing the timeshare contract. If it is not, an individual has to go through more work in order to get rid of the timeshare contract.

  • There is also the possibility of selling a timeshare. Thousands of individuals sell a timeshare contract every week. Some people enjoy their timeshares and may want to buy another one at a discounted rate. With these people, it is possible to get out from under a timeshare and also receive some sort of compensation.

  • Individuals can also find sites where they can give their timeshare back to the original company or give it away. These clauses sometimes come with considerable fees. But they are ways that a person can cancel their obligations under a timeshare contract.

Who Can Help?

There are two main groups of people that are helpful with timeshare contracts. One is the group of lawyers that specialize in timeshare law and the companies that provide help with timeshare legal cancellations. These men and women often have years of experience getting people out of timeshare contracts as painlessly as possible.
They know all of the techniques that people can use to get away from their timeshare and will help people do so for a fee.

There are also websites and forums where timeshare owners get together to share different strategies about getting out of timeshares. These websites also have people who enjoy timeshares and may be able to buy a person's timeshare for a decent price.

Legal Help

A lawyer, often one who works with timeshare cancellation companies, can help fight a timeshare contract in several different ways.

  • First, they can peruse the contract closely and look for any illegalities and loopholes inherent in it.

  • Then, they can analyze a person's status at the time the contract was signed. They can often find some sort of evidence that a person was manipulated into signing the contract or was perhaps lied to about what they were signing.

  • Finally, they can push for a settlement with the timeshare company. Such a settlement often involves a person cancelling their timeshare contract for a payment of its value.

Don't Give Up

Getting out of a timeshare is one of the hardest contracts that a person can break in this day and age. It involves countless effort, trial, and error along with considerable lawyer fees and potential fees from the timeshare company. There is also the possibility that a person simply has to give their timeshare away if they are unable to secure legal redress or interested buyers. Lawyers and specialty companies are best for providing timeshare cancellation help. Any individual facing this crisis should consider procuring his or her services moving forward.