Generator Repairs: Top Service Options

Generators are valuable sources of power when regular resources fail. Read a guide on generator repairs and find the top service options near you today.

Your generator is a source of power when regular resources are depleted or failing. If your generator fails to work when needed you could experience dangerous conditions due to lack of heat, water and other power-reliant necessities. Scheduling routine maintenance for your generator is just as important as having your vehicle or HVAC system serviced semi-annually. Top generator repair companies are available all year to provide maintenance services and prevent costly damages and breakdowns. Costs for generator maintenance vary with each service provider and the type of generator you own. Read ahead for an informative guide on generator repairs and find top national service options today.

Understanding Regular Maintenance and Generator Repairs

Many consumers resist scheduling regular maintenance services on important possessions and household systems due to budgetary considerations and restrictions. Saving money is always important but sometimes the effort to do so backfires. This is especially true when preventable generator breakdowns happen because unchecked minor issues develop into major problems.

Regular inspection and maintenance appointments sometimes lead to repair bills. Most times, generator maintenance involves inspecting systems/components, cleaning dirty elements and running diagnostic tests to assure functionality. Diagnostic tests help predict future problems, which allows a service technician to prevent or repair them at a fraction of the expense a major breakdown would cost. Thinking of generator maintenance and repairs in terms of human experiences is perhaps the best way to understand the long-term value of each. For example, having regular maintenance performed on your generator is the equivalent of exercising and eating clean foods to keep your body and mind in shape.

What Types of Repairs Are Common for Generators?

Generators fail or become damaged for a variety of reasons but most issues are avoidable if regular maintenance is performed. A lack of routine scheduled maintenance is the primary reason generators fail but weather, time and wear/tear also cause damage in various ways. Similar to vehicles, generators have belts, fuel and batteries. Generators also have motors and numerous other components, all of which are susceptible to damage and breakdowns.

Dry drive-belts are prone to cracking or breaking. Drive-belts become damaged due to extreme hot/cold temperatures and wear-and-tear over time. The price of the part ranges from under $15 to $30 and above. Replacing a drive-belt is a common service, which is typically billed for one hour of service plus the price of the new drive-belt. A dead battery is another common repair. Prices for generator batteries range from approximately $50 to several hundred dollars and more depending on the type/size of the generator and brand/model of battery purchased. Replacing a dead battery is also typically billed for one hour of service plus the price of the battery.

Other common repairs are either as simple as replacing belts/batteries or significantly more involved and expensive. For example, low coolant or oil in your generator are affordable to refill/replace during a routine maintenance check. If the coolant/oil dries up completely and the head, over crank or pistons crack you will end up with a major repair and an expensive bill to go with it. Additional types of repairs common for generators include:

  • Corrupted fuel tank and/or fuel lines.
  • Low/bad fuel.
  • Burnt electrical components.
  • Failed ice cube relays.
  • Rodent/pest-based waste products corrupting parts and components.
  • Rodents/pests chewing wires.
  • Failed starting mechanism.
  • Dead alternator, carburetor or voltage regulator.
  • Damaged transfer coils.
  • Clogged filters.
  • Clogs/stoppages caused by weather-related debris.

Generator Maintenance and Repairs - Typical Costs

Typical generator maintenance services range in price based on the service provider you hire, the type of generator you own and the area in which you live. Routine maintenance on standby generators costs approximately $200-300 per visit. The cost for routine maintenance on portable generators ranges between approximately $150-$180 per visit. Checking the fuel type costs between $100 and $300 on average as well.

Many generator repair services offer annual maintenance contracts for approximately $150-$300 per year. These contracts function similar to insurance policies and cover basic service visits and additional costs as specified. Consider that the average national price to repair a generator is $260, but costs could range between $60 and $600 or more per service visit. Generators require semi-annual maintenance checks to assure proper functionality, which means most annual service contracts save you money in the end.

Avoid Costly Breakdowns with These Common Maintenance Services

Scheduling routine maintenance visits from a qualified service provider helps you avoid costly mistakes with your generator. Repairing and/or replacing a stator and rotor costs anywhere between $250 and $1,500 depending on the make and model of your generator. Loose gaskets cost only $50 or less to repair but replacing a carburetor costs between $60 and $300. Rewinding a motor costs between $300 and $700. A complete engine replacement costs up to $2,000.

A transfer switch replacement costs $200-$400 for the part plus up to four hours of service charges. These costly replacement services are largely avoidable if you schedule semi-annual maintenance service on your generator. Common mistakes include allowing vital fluids such as fuel, oil and coolant to become corrupted or evaporated. A broken belt and evaporated/corrupted lubricants are all capable of damaging an engine. Leaves and debris on or around your generator cause potentially damaging clogs. Signs of pests and rodents in your yard are also indications of possible damage to the wiring in your generator. Ignoring pests and debris leads to generator replacement and repair bills. Regular maintenance prevents these costly mistakes and saves you money in the end.

Top Generator Service Companies for 2021

The top generator service companies for 2021 offer a combination of quality customer service, fast response times and transparent pricing. Many companies offer free estimates and annual service contracts with discounted pricing. Some of these can be done online. Nationwide companies offer top-quality services and have local branches in your area. Some of the best generator repair companies in 2021 include: