Laser Lipo Treatment

Laser lipo treatments are cosmetically beneficial and non-invasive. Read all you need to know about getting a laser lipo treatment today.

If you are considering a laser lipo treatment for fat removal you need to read the information below first. Laser liposuction is cosmetically beneficial compared to numerous other fat-removal procedures. This non-invasive process also provides certain health benefits but you need to understand everything involved in the treatment before scheduling your first session.

Fortunately, most laser lipo treatment providers schedule consultation appointments to further educate you on this life-changing process. Liposuction treatments are generally not covered by health insurance plans however, so some financial planning on your end must also take place. Continue reading to learn all you need to know about getting a laser lipo treatment today.

Laser Liposuction - Learn the Basics First

A major challenge facing many people in the U.S. is the inability to reduce body fat through workouts and diets alone. This is not to say people do not try to accomplish fat and weight loss through these methods. Many consumers have medical, biological or physiological issues and simply cannot lose fat and weight despite their best efforts. While exercise is always beneficial, some people are simply incapable of it due to physical limitations or serious disabilities. 

Laser lipo treatments are designed to help people reach their fitness, health and body-image goals when adjusting dietary habits and exercise routines do not work. Laser liposuction is a non-invasive process designed to remove body fat and restore fitness and energy levels. The treatment is performed as an outpatient procedure without anesthesia, which is another benefit of choosing this fat-removal process. Within up to two hours after the completion of your procedure you are permitted to resume normal daily activities. Laser lipo treatments essentially:

  • Provide multiple post-procedure health benefits.

  • Avoid any post-anesthesia hangover symptoms.

  • Reduce body fat previously impossible to lose.

  • Help restore natural energy and fitness levels (provided patients commence living a healthy lifestyle post-procedure).

How Does Non-Invasive Laser Liposuction Work?

As described on the government facilitated MedlinePlus website, a non-invasive procedure is performed without the need to enter the patient’s body using physical tools and equipment or even break the skin at all. By nature, non-invasive treatments allow surgeries and procedures to be completed faster and with less post-procedure recovery time. Common imaging procedures and medical aids such as MRIs, ECGs, CT scans, casts and hearing aids are all examples of non-invasive items and processes using non-invasive lasers to accomplish their respective goals.

As stated above, anesthesia is not required for laser lipo treatments. Most regular day-to-day activities are resumable within (approximately) two hours post-procedure. The focus of the treatment is on the removal of fat buildups, which are stubborn and challenging to diminish through other methods. These hard-to-remove fat buildups are commonly found in the love handles (above the hips), under the triceps, in the abdomen and various areas of the back. The process works by reducing the size of fat cells. Some people believe the fat cells are completely removed by the laser, but this is not true. The reduction in the size of a fat cell is accomplished when the laser burns holes in fat cell membranes.

Excess fat is released through these holes and sent into the body. Usable fat cells released into the applicable systems are converted to energy and fuel for daily living. Unusable or unneeded fat cells are expelled as waste products via the lymphatic system. The holes in the membranes heal and reseal, locking in the reduced cell sizes. Please note: Fat cells are living organisms and therefore prone to increasing in size again if a healthy lifestyle is not maintained post-procedure. Thankfully, the removal of the excess fat via a laser lipo treatment commonly provides your body with the energy and dietary processing power necessary to live the appropriate life for maintaining your ideal body weight.

How Long Does a Laser Lipo Treatment Take?

Because of its non-invasive nature, a laser lipo treatment requires less time to complete than many other surgical-based fat-removal procedures. Treatments are completable in approximately forty total minutes (both the front and the back of your body each require a twenty-minute treatment). This means having a treatment performed on one side of your body only might take only twenty minutes of procedure time, making laser lipo procedures both effective and convenient.

How Many Laser Lipo Treatments Are Required?

Some patients achieve the results they desire after one treatment. Others require two or more sessions to achieve their fat-reduction goals. Laser lipo treatments are generally not recommended for people with a body mass index (BMI) over thirty-five percent, although exceptions are made. Patients with higher BMIs up to thirty-five percent might require more treatments due to larger fat buildups in stubborn, hard-to-remove locations.

Average Pounds and Inches Lost

The specific number of pounds and inches lost following a laser lipo treatment vary per patient and based on numerous additional factors. On average, however, patients lose approximately twenty-five pounds. This equates to a singular reduction in waist size, or one-to-two inches approximately. Please note: Some patients lose as much as thirty to forty pounds, while others only lose fifteen. Inches lost vary as well. For example, some patients lose one inch around the waist, under the arms and other areas as well. Other patients, especially those with higher BMIs, lose between five and ten inches over the course of multiple procedures.

Laser Liposuction Treatments - Here’s What They Cost

Unfortunately, the expenses incurred by having a laser lipo treatment are not paid for by most U.S. insurance policies. The procedure is considered largely, if not completely cosmetic in nature. It is also considered an elective procedure and therefore not medically necessary. Exceptions to this lack of coverage are sometimes made, however. For example, this is especially true pursuant to the removal of fatty growths under the skin referred to as “benign subcutaneous lipomas.”

Actual costs per treatment depend on the location of the fat buildups and how challenging they are to both reach and remove. Another factor influencing actual costs pertains to the overall size of the areas treated. Larger treated areas cost more than smaller ones, for example.

Costs per session average approximately $50 each treatment. Some providers offer package discounts when multiple sessions are required. For example, a price of $30 or $40 per session might be offered when multiple sessions are paid for upfront in bulk. On average, female back fat removal package sessions might cost approximately $2,500. Male and female upper stomach treatments might cost approximately $4,500 in total for a package session deal. Each beauty spa or treatment center creates its own pricing. Talk to the treatment provider of your choice and ask about discounted package deals and specials suitable for your budget and needs. Some of the top consumer choices for nationwide laser lipo treatment providers and resources today include: