What Are Low-Income Senior Living Facilities?

Oftentimes, many senior citizens live off fixed incomes. Whether that be a retirement pension or other income, it is often not enough for living expenses.

According to studies, the biggest expense for most seniors is housing costs. Fortunately, there are many senior living options available at an affordable price. You can find affordable You can find affordable living options for the elderly and learn about how you may qualify by reading below.

Senior living facilities for low income individuals often have several features that could benefit retired citizens in their daily lives. According to Harvard Studies, the demand for affordable senior living is high. The biggest expense seniors have during retirement is housing. 

Some living facilities accommodate seniors by providing medical care or assistance with daily activities. These tend to cost more but you may qualify for financial assistance if you have a low income. Other types of senior housing include low-income rental spaces sponsored by religious institutions. The minimum age is often 50. There is also Section 8 housing for seniors, which is a government-administered program for low income seniors.

Qualifications for Low Income Senior Housing

Qualification for senior living apartments will depend on where you are looking for housing. If you looking to local organizations for housing, you must contact them for their requirements. If you are searching for government housing, there are general requirements future tenants must meet. 

The three main requirements for Section 8 housing: income, citizenship and household status. Since Section 8 housing is based on household income, this is the primary qualification. However, it is not the only way to become qualified for housing. Citizenship and status of the household also play a role in determining eligibility. 

However, you may get housing faster if you are found eligible for local housing preferences. Some public housing authorities (PHAs) will have preferences over certain groups. These groups can include homeless households, disabled people or seniors.


Section 8 is designed for lower income families and individuals. In order to receive a housing voucher, you must have an income below a certain level. There are three levels of low income as recognized by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD):

  • Extremely low income – 30 percent of the median level income of the area

  • Very low income – 50 percent of the median income level of the area

  • Low income – 80 percent of median income level of the area

These income limits are then further split into the family size. However, this does not have to be the case if you are looking for senior living communities for just yourself.


Housing vouchers are only given to those who are American citizens or residents. If you are looking for housing through a national organization, then you may be required to be a resident of the area. However, for HUD housing, you must present proof of citizenship. If you are an immigrant with a green card, then you must complete a separate form to prove your citizenship status. 

To prove citizenship as an American, you must sign a declaration stating that you are in fact a citizen. Documentation such as U.S. passports, Social Security card or any other evidence must be provided. Seniors with eligible immigration status must sign a declaration form as well and provide INS documents. Then, you must sign a form consenting to HUD the use of your information.

Household Status

In order to obtain senior living, you must provide information on your status or the status of the whole household. If you are at least over the age of 62, then you can meet the HUD’s definition of a family. However, it is possible to meet eligible family status in other ways. For example, if you have a disability and are on disability insurance then you may qualify for housing. 

If you are in need of emergency housing or have been displaced, you may qualify for housing as well. Your displacement must have been involuntary and could have happened due to government action or natural disaster. The damage has to have been severe enough that the home is unlivable.

How to Find Senior Living Facilities

There are a variety of senior living communities available depending on your needs. On such type of community is cooperative senior living facilities. These facilities are often rental spaces where the seniors in the complex pitch in to fix issues with the facilities. 

If you are a veteran, then you may find housing with local or government organizations. The Salvation Army offers housing assistance and the Department of Veteran Affairs also offers different housing assistance programs.