Massage Therapy School: Fast Paced Programs

Pro massage therapists perform various types of unique massages. Read about massage therapy schools & the fast paced programs open for enrollment now.

Massage therapy schools offer fast-paced programs to get you into a working environment and earning your living as quickly as possible. The benefits for becoming a massage therapist are plentiful for both practitioners and clients, but how long does it take to earn a certification? How much does it typically cost? Prices vary between schools in every state, but financial aid is conditionally available to pay for some or all of your expenses.

What do you learn in a fast-paced massage therapy school? Professionally certified massage therapists are qualified to perform various types of unique massages. Different medicinal and relaxation-based techniques are used to relieve people of varying degrees of pain and stress. Many U.S. residents rely on their massage therapists to provide a healthy way to reduce their stress and pain. Read ahead for more information about massage therapy schools and various certificate and degree programs open for enrollment today.

Massage Therapy – A Short Description

Massage therapy is a professional healing-based vocation. Receiving a casual massage in your home from a loved one or friend might be pleasurable and relaxing, but chances are the person giving the massage is not professionally trained. A bit of poetic irony exists because, while getting a massage provides peace, relaxation and healing, massage therapy school curriculums are quite fast-paced programs.

Professional massage therapy incorporates a wide variety of stylistic approaches with highly specific medical techniques. Learning anatomy is required. Understanding the human body’s pressure points and energy sources is also required for a massage therapist to access trouble spots and provide the most relief to his or her clients.

The two most common types of massages performed in the U.S. are the deep tissue and Swedish massages. Many dozens of other massage techniques are taught in massage therapy school, however. Massage therapy students are taught all required courses/methods across the board, while also having the option to specialize in one or more unique styles of massage. In addition to deep tissue and Swedish, other types & styles of massage techniques taught in massage therapy school include:

Massage Therapist Certification – How Long Does it Take?

The length of time it takes to acquire a massage therapist certification varies based on several important factors. The state in which you live, the school you attend and the types of techniques you learn all impact how long it takes to get a massage therapist certification. Attending an on-site, online or hybrid school also affects how long it takes to obtain a massage therapist certification. Are you pursuing an accelerated course schedule to get your curriculum faster? Some certification and even degree programs offer accelerated learning timetables, which get you on the job faster. 

Most massage therapist certification programs take twelve months to complete. Fulfilling state certification and license requirements take additional time. For example, many U.S. states require as much as 1,000 hours of real-life experience in tandem with your education/training hours prior to awarding you a massage therapist license. Some states require only 300 hours of real-life experience on top of your schooling, however.

As with many other subjects, degree programs take longer to complete than certification curriculums. An associate degree in massage therapy takes two years to complete on average. A bachelor’s in massage therapy takes two additional years beyond the completion of your associate degree studies. Obtaining a master’s degree requires two years more beyond a bachelors.

Massage Therapy School – Costs & Financial Aid

Costs for attending massage therapy school are different for each institution. Costs also vary inside each institution depending on which and how many courses you take. Massage therapy certificate programs at a community college might cost $5,000 or more, with variations applying. Extensively involved massage therapy schools might charge $20,000+ tuition per year. Massage therapy degree programs are subject to similar variations in tuition costs and other expenses as certificate programs.

Is financial aid available to help pay for massage therapy schools? U.S. Federal Pell Grants are available to students experiencing specific levels of financial hardship. Filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form is one way to apply for a Pell Grant and many other possible resources for financial aid. Additional resources for possible financial aid to help pay for massage therapist school include:

Top U.S. Massage Therapy Schools 2021

The quality of the massage therapy education you receive depends a lot on the quality of the school you attend. While many high-quality massage therapist schools, universities and training facilities exist around the country, some rise above the others due to their staff, program availability, job placement percentages and more. A list of some top U.S. massage therapy schools in 2021 includes:

On-Site, Online or Hybrid Schools - What to Choose

Choosing the best massage therapist school for you in 2021 requires consideration for many more aspects than it ever did before. The COVID-19 pandemic created a need for online virtual learning environments to be implemented in nearly every education-based institution across the country in 2020. Now, in addition to curriculum, quality, price and location students must also choose the style of learning environment in which they are going to enroll. On-site, online and hybrid schools now exist. Massage therapy school is a literal hands-on type of training, so a minimum of a hybrid school will be required for at least some part of your education. Contact the school(s) of your choice for details and current information about what your attendance options are in 2021.