Medical Billing and Coding Jobs

Do you hold a medical coding certification? Learn how to use it to obtain your dream medical coding job.

If you have recently earned a certification in medical coding and billing, it is now time to look for a job that allows you to use your new skills. You may prefer a position that requires medical coding only, or you might want to specifically work in medical billing and collections. There are also some positions that can allow you to do both.

Regardless of the type of work you want to do with your new certification, work-from-home jobs in medical coding and billing are probably the most desirable to you. Working from home has multiple benefits in terms of time management and comfort. Yet, not every home coding position is the same. It is important to find a position that makes you happy while also providing you with the level of income you need. Here is information that can help you locate your ideal medical coding or billing position.

Benefits of Working from Home as a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist

As of 2021, more Americans are working from home than ever before due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. According to U.S. News and World Report, most U.S. residents who currently work from home want to continue doing so. Benefits of working from home as a medical billing and coding specialist include:

  • You can set your own schedule and work during hours you feel most alert.

  • There is always time to run errands.

  • You can participate in family events, such as your child's sporting events.

  • No commute time or gas money is necessary.

  • Any wardrobe is acceptable.

  • As your experience increases, your skills are more in demand. Thus, you can earn more money per hour while still controlling the number of hours you work.

Medical Billing and Coding Job Titles

Finding a job as a medical coder or medical billing specialist is often confusing. There are many potential job titles for someone with your skill set and certification. The ability to recognize multiple job titles as medical coding positions allows you to immediately notice new positions when they become available on websites like Indeed. Some popular medical coding and billing job titles are:

  • Health Information Technician or Clerk

  • Coding or Medical Records Specialist

  • Medical Records Coordinator

  • Medical Records Director

  • Medical Records Technician (Tech) or Clerk

  • Medical Records Analyst

  • Coding Compliance Specialist

What is the Average Salary for a Medical Coder?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the average salary of a medical records and health information specialist as $45,240 per year. However, that figure does not necessarily accurately represent how much you personally can make in the medical coding field. A lot depends on your job title and the company for which you work. For example, according to, the average salary for a coding compliance specialist in 2021 is $63,834. 

Another factor that greatly influences the salary you make as a work-from-home medical coder is the number of hours you want to spend working. Obviously, you can make more per year when you work full-time hours. Additionally, you cannot expect to make a high salary when you first enter the field. Experience is the best way to improve your skills, increase the demand for those skills, and earn pay increases.

Requirements to Obtain a Medical Coding and Billing Position

A medical coding certification can help you line up an interview for a coding position. However, you must also demonstrate specific knowledge and skills in order to get hired in the field. For example, you must understand insurance guidelines and coding classifications. Other requirements include: 

  • General Computer Proficiency

  • Basic Bookkeeping and Accounting Skills

  • Knowledge of Debt Collection Practices

  • Ability to Communicate Well with Patients and Medical Professionals. 

You must also meet educational requirements to obtain a coding position. Virtually all medical coding positions require you to have a high school level education. Some positions also require advanced training that can take up to two or three years to complete. However, many positions are available to you as long as you have a basic medical coding certification. Often, you can obtain on-the-job training to improve your coding credentials after you are hired.

Information You Must Supply When Applying for a Medical Coding Position

The information you must supply when applying for a medical coding position varies. Each company has different basic requirements. However, in almost every application situation you must supply your full name, social security number, and contact details. You must also submit to a background check. You must also present any coding-related credentials you have.

In addition to supplying basic personal information, you may also have to supply samples of work to demonstrate your coding skills. The interviewer might also ask you questions relating to potential scenarios you may encounter while coding. Answering such questions allows you to prove you have the basic knowledge and skills necessary to do the job. 

Companies Hiring Medical Coding and Billing Professionals

There are many companies hiring medical coding and billing professionals right now. However, the degree of experience and certification types required varies between companies. Among the top companies hiring medical coders with little or no previous experience as of 2021 are:

Other Ways to Start Your Medical Coding Career

If you cannot find a medical coding position directly through one of the large companies above, you still have other options. All medical offices, hospitals, and clinics need medical coding procedures performed. Check your local locations for openings. You can also use websites like Indeed or LinkedIn to find medical coding positions offered by companies outside your local area. Since you can perform medical coding duties from home, you are not limited to jobs near your home.  If you still cannot immediately find a job as a medical coder, consider a short-term position in an office at a local hospital or clinic. Such a position may give you a chance to network with medical professionals and find the coding position you actually want.