Personal Injury Attorneys

A personal injury lawsuit is the result of you sustaining an injury caused by a wrongful party. That “wrongful party” could be a driver who ran a red light and hit you. It could be a company who placed a defective product on the market, and you became ill because of it.

The purpose of a personal injury lawsuit is to obtain money to compensate you because of the injury you sustained which wasn’t your fault.

What is a Personal Injury Attorney?

Personal injury attorneys are attorneys who represent plaintiffs who have suffered psychological or physical injury. This injury is the result of the careless act or negligence of another individual, entity or organization.

What Do Personal Injury Attorneys Do to Help Their Clients? 

Lawyers who specialize in tort cases are legal advocates for their clients. That’s why having personal injury attorneys on a case has major benefits. For instance, these attorneys perform tasks prior to filing a lawsuit in court.

These tasks include investigating your claim to determine who is the wrongful party who caused the accident. You may not know this, but sometimes there is more than one person, entity or organization at fault for your accident.

Other benefits include gathering evidence to prove your case, researching case law and formulating legal theories. These tasks help you prove that you were injured and are owed money from the wrongful party.

A lawyer’s job also involves drafting motions, pleadings and discovery requests. Discovery requests are something used by many personal injury attorneys to find more evidence to help their clients’ cases. In addition to filing paperwork with the civil court, a personal injury attorney also deposes and interview witnesses.

This job task requires them to ask questions of the wrongful party and witnesses who saw the accident outside of court. This means the attorney asks them questions prior to going to trial so that they can gather more evidence to help the case.

Getting You the Money You Deserve

The job of a personal injury attorney doesn’t start at trial. The attorney starts working immediately after you hired them. For example, the attorney contacts the wrongful party to negotiate an out-of-court settlement.

An out-of-court settlement is a written agreement that allows you to receive money from the wrongful party in exchange for dropping your court case. If you want to settle out of court, it’s vital to hire a personal injury lawyer. Your lawyer is responsible for adding all your past, present and future damages to make sure you receive fair compensation.

Personal Injury Attorneys are There for You

The purpose of a personal injury lawyer is to help you resolve your personal injury case and get you the maximum amount of money to pay for your bills. Personal injury attorneys do much more than get you the money you deserve. A personal injury attorney is your legal advocate too. They make sure your case goes well from start to finish and provide you with the best legal advice.