Benefits of Home Try-On Prescription Glasses

Whether you wear prescription glasses all day long or just for reading, chances are you put time and thought into how your glasses look. Your face shape, hair color, and personal style are all things to consider when choosing prescription glasses.

Not long ago, finding a flattering pair of prescription glasses meant trying on dozens of styles in your optometrist's office before choosing an expensive pair from a limited selection. Now, thanks to the internet and a number of online glasses companies, it's possible to order affordable prescription glasses online from a wider selection. All you need to order glasses from these sites are your prescription from your eye doctor and a credit card.

Companies That Offer Try-On At Home

Many companies offer a home try-on option for customers who want to see their frames before buying. Companies that offer affordable glasses online with home try-on option include

Each of these internet-based glasses manufacturing companies offers a wide selection of affordable glasses online in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and materials.

How Home Try-On Works

Many wonder how ordering prescription glasses works. Well there are a few easy steps to receiving your glasses without having to leave your home. Most of these online glasses sites offer home try-on for five to seven glasses frames for five to seven days, and will only bill you for all the frames if you don't return them within the specified time. Also, there is no obligation to purchase any frame, so the process is pressure-free.

Steps for Ordering

  • Visit any site from about or other that offer home try-on service
  • Select at least 5 pairs from their website to be sent to your home
  • Try them on and pick your favorite
  • Submit your prescription
  • Send back all glasses
  • Company will mail out your favorite pair with the prescription submitted

You Can Get Many Different Styles

Some glasses-wearers prefer stylish, designer glasses frames with the convenience of ordering their frames online. For customers looking for designer home try-on glasses, David Kind and Roka Eyewear each offer designer frames through their websites with a home-try-on option. These sites specialize in higher-end frames, and have the same convenient home try-on option as the budget-friendly sites listed above. The process for trying designer home try-on glasses is the same as the budget-friendly sites, offering the same convenience to busy prescription-eyewear customers who prefer designer eyewear.

Gone are the days when finding fashionable eyewear meant an expensive exam at an optometrist's office and trying on frames your optometrist's selection before selecting a pricey pair that would cost you hundreds of dollars. Thanks to internet-based companies, prescription glasses are more affordable than ever, and with at-home try-on, customers can try on frames before selecting the ones that fit their needs and style.