Best Salon Scheduling Apps

Salon scheduling apps are available to increase profits and improve customer experiences. Read about the best salon scheduling apps available today.

Most hair and beauty salons rely on regularly scheduled appointments for a sizable portion of their income. Maintaining a customer base and attracting new customers to a salon requires a high level of organization to create a smooth appointment-setting and overall experience for customers. Thankfully, multiple high-quality salon scheduling apps and programs are available to accomplish this goal.

If you are a salon owner already familiar with scheduling apps you might be in the market for an upgrade. If you are new to using scheduling apps and considering a first-time purchase, you need reliable information to assist you in making the best choice. Continue reading for all you need to know about the best salon scheduling apps available today.

New to Scheduling Apps? Here’s What They Can Do for Your Salon

Nearly all successful businesses in today’s world take advantage of some form of advanced technology. This includes maintaining a powerful and appealing online presence. This also includes keeping an organized schedule and providing a highly proficient (and convenient) experience for your customers and clients.

Schedule Organization is a Salon Priority

Organized scheduling is especially important for service-industry and specialized businesses such as hair and beauty salons. You value your time and the time of your employees. The time your customers spend in your salon is valuable to them as well. Keeping an organized schedule allows you to maximize your daily profits. This is the surface result, however, of multiple other organizational processes and results happening fundamentally albeit perhaps unseen in the background. For example, an organized schedule keeps your employees or contractors profiting and satisfied. This results in punctuality, increased morale and a positive energy permeating the salon (an important infectious aspect to keeping and attracting new customers). An organized schedule further keeps your customers happy. Happy customers tip more. Happy customers also become loyal, long-term customers. 

Customer Satisfaction is an Even Bigger Priority

The best salon scheduling apps makes scheduling appointments at your location fast and convenient for your customers. This is an extremely important aspect of running a successful business in modern times. Granted, many salon customers are prideful of their images and loyal to beauticians and hairdressers who help create the look they desire. Customers are also fickle, however. Especially when it comes to booking a salon appointment, many customers want to be seen as quickly as possible. The efficiency created by using a salon scheduling app allows for more openings in your schedule. Flexibility is created by using these apps as well, as is the ability to see the schedules of everyone on staff in one user-friendly centralized location. Essentially, the organizational improvements the best salon scheduling apps provide ensures your customers have a convenient positive experience booking appointments online and getting the results they desire - fast.

The Importance of Scheduling Flexibility

Scheduling must be organized and accurate for your salon to have success. Flexibility also needs to be incorporated because, as is the case in all aspects of living and running a business - life happens. Sometimes customers need to cancel. Other times customers who are scheduled weeks out need earlier appointments. One of the most helpful features included with the best salon software and scheduling apps is the sending of notifications when appointment changes or cancelations occur. Notifications such as this allow you to quickly contact customers on your waiting list. This makes your customers happier. This also allows you to fill in scheduling gaps and maintain consistent profits.

Social Media Account Integration

A viable online presence in modern times includes active social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and multiple others are used for business as much as they are for socializing today. The best salon scheduling apps include integration with your social media accounts to keep your customers connected to your salon 24/7.

Staying Automated and Centralized Helps Keep Your Business Growing

The automation of multiple processes previously handled by-hand creates game-changing, time-saving benefits. When your salon scheduling app handles notifications, scheduling, inventory, payroll and other processes automatically, you have more time as the businessowner to promote and otherwise grow your business. The centralization of all data including appointment information, inventory items, purchasing needs, budget and more also makes accessing the details you need quick and convenient. This not only saves valuable time, but also eliminates mistakes and, in the end, saves money.

Mobility Increases Your Bottom Line

Automation and centralized database features included in top salon scheduling apps allow you to grow your business in unique ways. For example, scheduling apps create the ability to hire on-site and mobile staff members to work simultaneously in an organized fashion. This means the use of a top salon scheduling app might effectively double your profits if utilized to its fullest potential. 

Handling Basic Business Tasks Is a Breeze

While the prioritization of customer satisfaction and needs is a priority, you and your business also have needs. Your salon needs to make a profit to stay in business. This requires clerical and financial organization. Salon scheduling apps keep track of customer payments, any credits or refunds you owe them and outstanding balances owed to you. Salon scheduling apps also track payments and debts pursuant to companies within your beauty product supply chain. The need to keep track of daily, weekly and monthly profits by hand are gone. The best salon scheduling apps also track income in customizable increments and frequencies.

Both payroll and inventory are also handled by modern salon scheduling apps. Running out of your customer’s favorite products disappoints your customers and potentially costs you money. Inventory features included with the top scheduling apps are often automated and fully customizable. Notifications are sent in advance of needing to restock items so your salon and customers never have to go without. Additionally, inventory features create expense projection reports so you are never surprised by the costs of restocking items.

Payroll features keep your employees and contractors paid accurately and on-time. Centralized accounting features keep you updated on funds available in payroll and other accounts. This helps move money if needed to make sure the paychecks you print are always valid and delivered on time.

Finally, scheduling apps allow your salon customers to make online payments for past-due balances, pay in advance for appointments and leave tips for staff. Some apps even allow for the purchase of gift cards. Gift card purchases are also tracked with computer-precision accuracy, including total gift card amounts, amount spent and available balance remaining.

Whether Upgrading or Making Your First Purchase - These Top Salon Scheduling Apps Are the Best on the Market

Salon scheduling programs are available in software and app platforms. Software is either localized or web-based, although most salon scheduling software programs also include iOS and Android app options. Is one better than the other? Some standalone apps might have fewer features than apps affiliated with software programs. The size of your salon and goals for its growth truly impact the type of scheduling program you need. Some of the best salon scheduling programs and apps available today include: