Benefit From Water Delivery Services

Water is the single most important molecule for sustaining life. Why not benefit from local water delivery services? Find out why these services are beneficial.

Over 70% of the human body is made of water. Ideally, that water should be clean and free of the residues commonly found in tap water, such as pharmaceutical drugs, pesticide runoff, and chemical contamination from industry and farms. Some groundwater even contains heavy metals, such as lead. Increasingly, to preserve their health as well as to free up time for other activities, people are turning to delivery services for their water. Having water delivered has a number of impressive benefits. Many event planners turn to these services for last-minute water deliveries.

We have all heard of the importance of social distancing, especially in modern times with the coronavirus quarantine. Getting your water delivered directly to your home or business can save you a trip to the store and even help protect your health. If you have ever considered ordering water for delivery, here are all the advantages as well as some helpful tips for getting started with your order.

Where Can a Local Water Delivery Service Deliver?

Most water sellers will come to any residence or business that needs bottled water. That includes mainly home residences and offices. When you schedule water delivery, the seller will inform you whether they deliver to your area.

Costs of Water Delivery

The cost of your water delivery will obviously depend on the amount purchased. Families can expect to spend between $7 and $8 on a 5-gallon drum of purified water. For moderate use, that can last easily up to a week and beyond for small and medium-sized family units. Businesses often benefit from discounts because water companies are aware of the recurring selling opportunities and the fact that office managers usually purchase multiple jugs at a time. Businesses can expect to pay about $6 per 5-gallon drum when they purchase in bulk, or slightly more for last minute water deliveries. Water that has been distilled and/or fluoridated (meaning the water processor added fluoride) usually costs around a dollar more per 5-gallon container than purified or spring water.

Types of Water Available for Delivery

The most common types of affordable water delivery are spring water, purified water (sourced from the local water supply), distilled water, and fluoridated water.

  • Springwater is self-explanatory – water retrieved from fresh springs. Some people believe the taste of spring water to be superior. However, in terms of chemistry, it is the same water as tap water.

  • Water distillation is the process of vaporizing water through boiling, then collecting the water once it cools in a separate container. Distillation is a type of water purification that eliminates any harmful pathogens. In addition to unwanted materials, distilling water also strips the water of its minerals, changing its taste profile. Some people prefer distilled water over water that is unprocessed in this way.
When you schedule water delivery, the purchaser can choose which type they need.

How to Order Water for Delivery

Ordering water is easier than ever before. The simplest and fastest way is to order online. Most retailers have easy-to-follow ordering instructions that involve a quick entry of the purchaser's address, what type and how much water they need, and their credit card or other payment information. You can schedule water delivery online. Water brands like Sparkletts or Alhambra make it easy to order online and are a national service provider. Sparkletts and Alhambra along with most water companies also take affordable water delivery orders via the phone. Finally, you can simply visit a local water delivery store. Some companies do not have a storefront, but others do. This is a good option for getting water as fast as possible.