Learning More About Online Nursing Degrees

The demand for nurses has escalated to the point that many colleges and universities have added online nursing programs. There are many things to consider when looking into a nursing program, so we have included the most frequently asked questions here to help you as you start the journey to your nursing degree and ultimately your nursing career.

Licensed Practical Nurse

There are several different nursing degrees that correspond with various nursing careers. Nursing requires certification, traditionally a two or four year degree. A Licensed Practical Nurse, LPN, is typically a one year program but it is not offered online. However, if you invest in this program, generally offered at a community college, the certification counts toward one year RN Degree. Once you have completed the LPN, there are many bridge programs that take approximately nine months to complete, and afterward you are able to sit for the NCLEX-RN exam.

Registered Nurse: ADN

There are several tracks to get your RN, and the minimum amount of school required is two years. An associates degree in nursing, ADN, qualifies the graduate to sit for their NCLEX-RN, and work as an RN in many different types of nursing careers upon completion. Currently, while classwork can be completed online for your ADN, there is a significant amount of clinical work required to complete schooling that must be done in person. The approximate cost to get your ADN-RN is between $12000-$35,000, with most students reporting they paid between $18000-$25000 for their degree.

Registered Nurse: BSN

A bachelor’s degree is a four year degree that qualifies you to take the NCLEX-RN exam. There are many programs available online, but as with the other online nursing degrees, each one requires a portion of the work be done in person. The cost for a BSN is between $25000 and $100,000 for the four years of school.

There are bridge programs that offer the next level of nursing degrees, so an RN with a ADN can apply for a bridge program to complete her bachelors degree as a part of an online program. There are also many programs offered by employers that will pay for the BNS for their ADN RN’s.

In Person Requirements

Each online program requires a significant portion of in person work be completed through the school. This ensures that a prospective nurse will be able to complete the tasks in person that they have studied online. These in person courses typically take place toward the end of schooling, and are a part of course work, so a grade is administered.

Online nursing degrees are a good option for those who want to work while beginning their nursing journey. Online school offers a flexibility that tradition, in person classes do not. Pursuing an online nursing degree is a wise way to learn more about the profession while continuing to work, only requiring additional time in a classroom and hospital setting once graduation is eminent.