Office Communication APP: Get The Best For Your Team

Good communication between employees increases productivity & your bottom line. Read about office communication apps & how to get the best for your team.

Fast and accurate communication between your employees helps increase productivity and your financial bottom line. Interactive office communication apps are available to improve your business communication needs today. What does an interactive office communication app do? How do I find the best office communication app for my business? 

Many companies are producing high-quality office communication applications in 2021. Free and paid versions exist, but do they have differences or limitations? You want to get the best app available on the market for your team. Understanding the functions and costs of various office communication apps is essential prior to making a purchase. Read ahead for an informative guide on office communication app programs and how to get the best for your team today.

Interoffice Communication Apps 101

The use of communication software is commonplace in everyday modern life. Cell phones, tablets, laptops and more all utilize communications software platforms. Text messages, data transfers, file transfer protocol (FTP) and email are all examples of common communication software types. Email was conceived in the 1960s and has of course advanced in leaps & bounds since its inception. Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Model and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) are also popular modern types of communication software. Communication involves a sender, context, a receiver, a delivery method and actual content. Essentially, any application serving to transfer communication-based information from one network to another is considered communication software.

How does communications software apply to interoffice activity and business use? The importance of clear commination between employees with each other, and between employees/management cannot be overstated in modern times. Clear communication improves productivity and efficient output. Clear communication also reduces errors, which in turn simultaneously increases morale and your company’s bottom line. An employee who understands his or her directive(s) is more likely to enjoy their job and display a better attitude while working. Uplifting attitudes are infectious in an office environment and potentially help increase your profits. Interoffice communication apps make communicating in your office a fast, convenient and accurate experience for all involved. The ability for everyone to see/receive necessary information in real time and make the best decisions as individuals and groups is perhaps the biggest benefit of using interoffice communication apps in 2021.

Who Needs Interoffice Communication Apps?

Companies with fast-paced office environments need interoffice communication apps to ensure accurate information is conveyed in real time to the right people. Businesses running multiple projects at once also benefit from using interoffice communication apps, especially when various separately running projects are also integrated between multiple departments. Who else needs interoffice communication apps for modern business practices? Medical doctors and surgeons need to communicate quickly with staff members regarding patient prescriptions, test results and other needs. Security teams at big events must absolutely be able to communicate clearly and quickly with each other across large distances and around high volumes of people. Airline staff, Hollywood production teams, taxi/ride-share dispatchers and more all need interoffice communication apps to properly and effectively operate their businesses.

Interoffice Communication Apps - Tools

A large number of high-quality interoffice communication app companies exist. While each company creates unique features for its products, certain categories of types and tools are common across the board. One such common tool is digital signage, which is perhaps most commonly used at airports to display arrivals, departures and other important information. Digital signage also works in smaller office settings to send broader messages to employees company-wide.

Project management software is another common example of an effective interoffice communication app today. Project management software allows employees to operate as individuals, in groups and collaboratively in real time, with data stored in a central location for all to access (permissions and conditions applied). Mobile communication apps dedicated to your business and employees allow workers to communicate in real time wherever they are in the building using their phones. Personal and/or dedicated business phones are used, with the Blackberry App system previously leading the way in using this type of technology. Additional types of interoffice communication app tools include:

  • Employee alert systems & notifications.

  • Video chats/conferencing.

  • Interactive gamification (encourages participation & competition)

  • Intranet.

  • Podcasts.

  • Chat systems. 

How to Create Groups in Your Platform

Creating groups in an interoffice communication platform is not the same process for every app available today. Creating groups is conceptually the same but each program requires different steps. The benefits of creating groups are numerous, however, regardless of the app you are using. For example, an interoffice communication app group might be needed for the accounting team or legal team only. Another group might be required to integrate accounts and legal, with yet another necessary for management only. For specific information on how to create groups in your platform, consult any user manuals, instruction videos and tutorials provided by your interoffice communication app company today.

Costs to Use (from free apps to top-tier programs)

The costs to use an interoffice communication app in 2021 vary greatly per platform. Many apps offer free and paid services, with paid services having certain features and capabilities not available in the free plans. Pricing is commonly determined on a per-user basis up-to a certain amount of employees. For example, Front charges $9 per month/user for up to three teams on email inboxes. Chatter Plus charges $15 per month/user/app for social collaboration, CRM features and customizable options. Slack offers popular free plans, whereas Zinc, while offering a free trial, also requires you contact them directly for specific pricing quotes.

Top Interoffice Communication App Companies 2021

Additional top interoffice communication app companies exist in 2021. While types, styles and pricing all vary, each app offers a beneficial experience for your office needs. A list of other top interoffice communication app companies for 2021 includes: