Customer Service Software For Businesses

Customer service software helps handle all your customer service-related tasks. These tools can help run your business more efficiently. 

Are you looking for ways to enhance the customer service experience your clients and customers have each time they do business with your company? Top-tier customer service software for businesses is available to help today. Customer service software utilize a centralized customizable system inside your company to handle a multitude of customer and operational-related tasks.

How does customer service software keep businesses better organized and capable of helping customers? What are the top companies selling these software and what are the average costs? Due to the many types of customer service software available it is easy to find a program great for any size business today, including yours. Read ahead for a helpful guide on customer service software for businesses on the market in 2021.

What Is Customer Service Software and What Can It Do?

Customer service software utilizes a centralized system inside your company network to handle all your daily customer and operational-related tasks. Because so many types of customer service software are available it is possible to find a customizable program great for any size of business today, including your own. Tools commonly used in customer service software programs include communication, data collection, organization, response, reporting and customer request/fulfillment tools. Categories of tools are further broken down into sub-categories. For example, communication tools include email, self-service/FAQs, text notifications/alerts, chat windows and more. Some customer service software even integrate with group communication systems (group chats, video conferencing, etc.) and social media accounts.

Better Service Due to Centralized Integration

Customer service software essentially allows your business and applicable employees to provide faster and more efficient support to your customers and clients than ever before. Because the system is centralized all employees with permitted access are capable of sharing data and viewing interactions with customers company-wide and in real time (when available). Ticketing systems are the most common example of how employees across your entire company are able to see communication exchanges between various support representatives and customers. While not necessarily real-time, ticketing systems prevent customers from having to re-explain their issues to multiple support representatives, which drastically improves their overall experience dealing with your business.

External Integration Capabilities

Some of the more comprehensive customer service software are capable of integrating with external Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software programs/systems as well. CRMs utilize detailed billing and marketing automation systems (to name a few). Connecting your support representatives with such resources serves to enhance customer service performances and experiences even more.

Customer Service Software – How It Helps Your Business

One primary benefit of customer service software today is they are simply great for any size business. Whether your company is an international enterprise with millions of customers or a local business serving a small region, customer service software suitable for your needs is available now. Additional ways in which customer service software is capable of helping your business include:

  • Personalizes customer experiences.

  • Increases customer loyalty.

  • Creates seamless, streamlined collaboration & workflow interactions for your employees.

  • Improves scalability based on customer needs.

  • Analyzes & reports support volume, productivity & customer demographics changes.

  • Identifies, organizes & collects integral customer data & insight for future use & overall improvement.

  • Scales up overall service output & improves profits.

  • Reduces errors & superfluous/duplicated work tasks.

Customer Service Software – Types

Numerous types of customer service software programs are available to help your business increase its customer base through improved service and support experiences. Shared inbox software features include specialized software used to gather, report on, manage and act upon customer communications and requests. Service desk software is utilized for IT service management purposes such as ticketing, license management and more. 

Messaging and chat systems software helps improve real-time customer service capabilities with the added ability to integrate across the entire company to prevent duplicated tasks/assignments. Phone support system software improves phone support speed and allows for larger call volumes, resulting in less customer wait time. Knowledge base software improves the sharing of information and facilitates publishing, writing and capturing applicable information to improve the overall support experience received by each customer.

Top 10 Customer Service Software Providers 2021 & Average Costs

The average costs for customer service software platforms in 2021 vary greatly from provider to provider and the needs of your business. For example, many customer service software providers charge on a per-user basis in addition to possible monthly/annual subscription charges. Almost every provider also offers multiple plans at increasing pricing tiers. For example, charges $7.80 per use per month for its entry-level package but Microsoft Dynamics 365 is priced at $50 per user per month for its lowest base package.

Certain software programs are also customizable and allow you to add features at a per-feature rate. Many customer service software providers offer temporary free trials and some even provide limited free versions usable in perpetuity. Many high-quality customer service software programs exist in 2021. The best platforms offer affordable pricing, flexibility/customization capabilities, money-back guarantees and the ability to expand your customer base. The 10 best customer service software providers for 2021 are: