Sell Your Home Online

Selling your home in 2021 is easier than you might think possible. Read tips & information about how to sell your home online in 2021.

Selling your home in 2021 might be easier than you imagine is possible. The COVID-19 pandemic turned multiple 2020 markets upside down, the housing market notwithstanding. Born of this tragic event was the necessity for U.S. consumers and businesses to quickly become acclimated with virtual, online environments. It is now more possible to sell your home online than ever before.

How does selling your home online compare to traditional methods? What are the costs for selling a home online in 2021? COVID-19 forced many people are to sell their homes and move into more affordable housing situations. This type of high home sale market is perfect for an online market where people from all over the country are able to view and purchase your home. Are you trying to move or sell your home fast? Read ahead for tips and information about how to sell your home online in 2021.


Online Home Sales – Best Option During COVID & High Home-Sale Market

The 2021 home buying season started in January instead of late spring. COVID-19 created an unexpected housing boom. Interest rates were lowered to encourage purchases. People were forced to find affordable housing and significant moving/shuffling occurred around the country. The peaks of the housing benefits are not expected to last throughout all of 2021, however. Zillow, a major player in modern home sales/marketing, predicts a semi-abrupt decline followed by a gradual reduction the market over the course of 2021. The good news is the housing market is also expected to stay above where it was before COVID-19 hit the country in 2020. 

Online home sales might be your best option during COVID-19 and a high home-sale market. Homeowners are still relocating. Many jobs were lost in 2020, some never to be recovered. This means many Americans are relocating to wherever they find new jobs. Online home sales also reduce exposure to COVID-19 by posting virtual 360-degrees online tours of your home for people all over the world to see. Finally, online home sales are designed to help you sell fast when moving is imminent. Did you find a new home and job in another state and need to sell your old home fast? Contact Zillow or another high-quality online home selling company today. 

Additional Benefits & Considerations of Online Home Selling

Online home selling has numerous other benefits in addition to safety and brevity. Realtors are experienced, knowledgeable and skilled. Selling your home through a realtor often gets great results but also reduces your profits. If you are looking to maximize the financial potential of selling your home, you might want to consider selling it yourself online.


Selling your home online is convenient. Yes, it is necessary to take and post professional-looking pictures of your entire home. There is also legal research involved. Still, selling your home online helps you reach prospective buyers in more areas around the country. Increased buyer market reach is one of the bigger benefits to selling your home online.


There are balancing factors to consider with home selling online. For example, a realtor is able to market your home for you. When selling your home online you have to handle, and pay for, your own advertising. Realtors are also generally able to get more money from a home sale than private sellers. Conversely, realtors take up to six percent of your profits. Legal aspects of selling a house online are sometimes confusing and always complicated/detailed. When selling your home online make absolutely certain you understand all laws and regulations to avoid lawsuits and other legal issues.

Other Considerations

Perhaps the biggest appeal to sellers pursuant to online home selling is the ability to set the sale price as desired. Do you need to sell fast to move to another location? It is more financially plausible to quickly sell your home beneath market value when no realtor fees are involved. Buyers needing to move into your home as fast as possible also benefit from lower home prices. Online sales prices are lower and direct negotiations with sellers are possible without delays and interference from realtors.

Selling Your Home Online - What’s the Process

Selling your home online instead of going through a realtor still takes work. A major process is still involved, some parts of which are the same as when using a real estate agency. Because you are selling your home online you are likely looking to sell fast. It is possible to employ multi-tasking concepts to certain aspects and tasks in the process to make it faster overall. 

For example, it is imperative to understand the real market value of your home. It is also necessary to de-clutter and perform necessary home improvements to your home before listing it for sale. While waiting on a home inspector and/or appraiser to arrive, clean up all rooms by removing unnecessary items, putting anything you do not need to live on in storage.

Every online home iBuyer and/or iSeller has its own policies. It is vital you understand all legalities involved in online home selling. Selling a home is a major legal transaction. Contacting your lawyer and understanding the legal/financial aspects of selling online are essential parts of the process.

Once you decide to sell your home online and prepare it for selling, certain steps are required. Upload details of your home to the selling service. Once you receive offers, complete a home-evaluation. Counter or accept an offer and close n the sale as applicable. Always contact the support team at your online selling service (or your lawyer) with any questions about the process you might have.

Online Services for Fast Home Sales Now

Many popular, high-quality online services for fast home sales are available in 2021. Which services are the most popular? Which move homes fast and at the cheapest rates? A list of popular online services for fast home sales in 2021 includes: